Football Coach Leadership Theory Essay

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Joseph Brice
Final Leadership Model
Football Coach Leadership Theory
March 14, 2013
Football Coach Leadership Theory
Football Coach Leadership Theory is about leaders creating relationship with followers through evaluation, individual development, team development, and situational delegation of authority. To develop this relationship, leaders need to have a sound philosophy, a developed mission, and a clear vision.
Football Coach Leadership Theory is cyclical, consisting of four stages. The four stages are philosophy, building, preparation, and execution. Each stage requires evaluation. The cycle begins with philosophy. From philosophy the model advances to building. The ...view middle of the document...

The building evaluation must take in to account the available resources, individuals’ skill and motivation, team’s skill and motivation, and the competition’s skill and motivation. The goal of the building evaluation is to determine how to improve individuals and the team. Upon completion of the building evaluation, the leader is to recruit to the extent that resources allow. Recruitment is to be based on the building evaluation. Following recruitment the leader begins development. The leader is to utilize resource to develop each individual and the team. Individual development includes improving skills and motivation of each follower. Team development included building team unity and motivation. The leader is also to install the philosophy, mission, and vision. This is to be done throughout the entire building stage.
The preparation stage is the third stage. In this stage the leader is to prepare follower to complete the goals. This begins with an evaluation of the team and the competition. The leader is to again evaluate the skills and motivation of both the team and the competition. After the evaluation, the leader is to emphasize philosophy, mission and vision. The leader is to strengthen team unity. Lastly, the leader is to develop and convey strategy to accomplish the mission. This is the most important phase of the preparation stage.
The final stage is the execution stage. The execution stage begins with current situation evaluation. The evaluation is to compare the current situation...

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