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Football Manager Essay

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Football Manager
Classmates and Mrs Rees. Who do you think should be the next Welsh
football manager! This is the question that has been praying on so
many people's mind's for the last few months after Mark Hughes's
departure. There have been many suggestions for the job:

Ÿ John Toshack - one of the main contenders.

Ÿ Chris Coleman - doing a good job at Fulham so no.

Ÿ Brian Flynn - another of the main contenders.

Ÿ Ian Rush - a candidate, but not too experienced

Ÿ Gerard Houllier} Both the main contenders from aboard.

Ÿ Gordon Strachan}

I hope that a Welshman is appointed as Mark Hughes' ...view middle of the document...

The committee will take a giant leap
backward if they have Brian Flynn's tunnel vision.

I'd love to see Coleman as the manager after next. Once the Giggsy's
and the Hartsons retire, we'll have a new young squad with a bright
young manager. I see Coleman as the man to bring success to us long
term, but not with the squad as it is. I would rather see a guy like
Gordon Strachan who has proven he can transform an older squad now, to
try and squeeze us in to Germany or Euro 2008.

I thought Strachan would be the next Scotland manager, but it looks
like Walter Smith's the favourite now, so the wee man might be
tempted, although with Germany looking all but finished now, he might
not be so keen. As far as long-term goes, it has to be Coleman,
assuming he'd be prepared to give up the Premiership, which might not
be the case. What do you think?

As you may know I am more of a rugby man than a football man but I
know that Wales cannot go back to having a second rate manager. It's
got to be someone who has proper experience in managing. Toshack is
the only choice....

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