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Footnote To Youth Essay

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Title Three :
Pursuant to the provisions of Local Government Code of 1991 , every Local Government Unit (LGU) shall design and implement its own organizational structure and staffing pattern.
a. Priority needs
b. Service requirements
c. Financial capabilities : budgetary limitations of 45% in first to third class provinces cities, and municipalities and 55% in case of fourth class or lower, total annual income should be observed.
d. Based on the standard and guidelines prescribed by the Civil Service Commission
* The position should have Qualification Standard (QS) job ...view middle of the document...

* Local officials and employee must be adequately compensated ( RA 6758)
* Compensation is determined by sanggunian concerned
* Increase in compensation shall take effect as provided in the ordinance authorizing such increase
* Increase in compensation shall not exceed budgetary allocations
* Entitled to leave privileges, cumulation and commutation
A. Resignation shall be deemed effective only upon acceptance by the following authorities:
* The President , in case of governors, vice governors, mayors and vice mayors in highly urbanized cities
* The governor, in the case of municipal mayors, municipal vice mayors, city mayors and city vice mayors in component cities
* The sanggunian concerned in the case of sanggunian members,
* The city or municipal mayor in the case of barangay officials
B. Copies of the resignation letters with the action taken by the authorities shall be furnished the Department of the Interior and Local Government
C. Resignation shall be deemed accepted if not acted upon by the authority concerned within 15 working days from receipt thereof
D. Resignation is irrevocable

The Local Chief Executive of every LGU shall establish a procedure to inquire into, act upon ,resolve or settle complaints and grievances presented by local government employees.

* Administrative complaints against appointive local officials and investigation are made and disposed of in accordance with the Civil Service Law.
* Results of administrative investigation shall be reported to the Civil Service Commission.

* Local Chief Executive may preventively suspend subordinate officials and employees
* Period of suspension – not exceeding 60 days
* Charges against such officials and employees involves dishonesty, oppression or grave misconduct or neglect in the performance of duty
* If the respondent is guilty of the charges it would warrant his removal from the service
Upon expiration of the preventive suspension;
* The suspended officials and employees shall be reinstated in the office without prejudice to the continuation of the administrative proceedings against him until its termination.
* If the delay of the proceeding of the case is due to the fault, neglect or request of the respondent, the time of delay shall not be counted in computing the ;period of suspension.

* Conducted by a person or a committee duly authorized by the LCE
* Person or committee shall conduct hearings on the case
* Submit their findings and recommendations to the LCE within 15 days
* Administrative case shall be decided within 90 days

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