For The Bible Tells Me So: A Reflection On Homosexuality In Our Society

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Zach Perez
Dane Sawyer
Critical Thinking
November 8, 2010
For the Bible Tells Me So: A Reflection on Homosexuality in Our Society
On the morning of July 2, 1990, Julio Rivera was walking to school in Queens, New York when 3 men lured him into an alley where they beat and stabbed him, killing Mr. Rivera. Mr. Rivera was attacked that morning because he was gay. We watched a film in our Critical Thinking class that was eye opening to understanding and coming to accept homosexuals so that we don’t have any more cases like Mr. Rivera. Homosexuality is not morally wrong and is not a sin, our society needs to change its way of thinking to be aware of our misconception of this so we can ...view middle of the document...

The Church teaches to love thy neighbor, but then turns around and persecutes homosexuality as an abomination that needs to be “forced” to change. The idea of abomination is brought up in the example of the cleansing pool in a Jewish Temple, it would be considered an abomination to not cleanse oneself in the pool; however, that does not necessarily mean that it is immoral, for the water is in actuality not very clean itself. Homosexuality may be considered an “abomination” to the classic model of a family with a loving husband and wife who procreate and raise children, but it does not mean that it is immoral. The Church misses this and instead teaches parents of homosexuals to insist on changing their children and essentially outcast them. However, this causes the very break in family the Church wants to avoid, it distances parents from their children and can cause extreme emotional trauma for a homosexual child who all of a sudden believes that they are considered wrong in their parents’ and God’s eyes. In the movie, a young girl, Anna, came out to her mother about her homosexuality, her mother followed the Church’s teaching and rejected her daughter and insisted on change, and 8 months later her daughter committed suicide from feelings of rejection, shame, and depression. Gene Robinson may end up being the trailblazer for the Church to change its negative stance on homosexuality. As the first openly gay man to be ordained as a bishop, Robinson is a contrast to the thinking that God is against gays. The Church believes that priests are called to serve by God, but if God was against homosexuality, how could he call a gay man to serve as a bishop? Robinson provides hope for the Church to realize that homosexuality is not immoral, and that we should love people as they are.
One reason for homophobia posed by the video was the influence of our patriarchal society. Despite...

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