For The Price Of A Burrito

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Summer of 1983, we lived in Standish California. It was such a small town that if you blinked while you drove through, you’d defiantly miss it. Mostly full of dust and sagebrush, but people had their ranches out there. If you ventured into the town you would see chickens, horses, cattle and maybe goats. For a mere dollar you could buy fresh from the cow’s tit milk in a gallon mayonnaise jar. When my parents bought their property it came with two three bedroom single wide mobile homes sitting on five acres. A horse corral for an invisible horse, a chicken coop, and a scary little stick cabin that a wayside traveler must have put together to keep out of the weather.
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Lunch time was always hard to wait for. We were all pretty active kids so hunger came on frequently. Our family was on food stamps. Once the first of the month connivance food was gone, there wasn’t much left to feed my siblings. Even the cereal would be gone, so we would go all day without something to eat. Dad would come home about an hour before mom was due home. Each day he would bring us a one of those gas station burritos that you would heat in the microwave. We would really look forward to those burritos. We would have been waiting for lunch until 3 pm in the afternoon when he would arrive. He’d hand them to me to heat for my siblings and go pass out on the couch. He was sleeping off the booze he had drank during the day so mom wouldn’t know he wasted his day away doing that instead of taking care of us. For the price of those four burritos he could buy our silence. Not caring where he was, or why he didn’t want to stay home with us didn’t matter, as long as we got to eat those yummy burritos.
I think the worst times at the make believe ranch, were those that dad either didn’t care to bring home burritos or just flat out forgot. My brothers would be standing there in the living room all excited dad was home. He would walk in, not say much and fall on the couch already asleep before he even laid down. That would leave my brothers to whine at me. “I’m hungry.” When this first started happening I would tell them. “Wait till mom gets home.” I soon realized though that I couldn’t let them or myself go all day without food. My sister is only...

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