For This Pieces Of Coursework I Had To Visit Two Places Of Worship And Write A Comparison On Them

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R.S CourseworkFor this pieces of coursework I had to visit two places of worship. I decided to choose two local churches in my area. I chose to take pictures of St Benedicts Catholic Church and St Andrews United Reformed Church. I picked these two as they are contrasting church to each other.These are the questions I had to answer:A) Visit two local Christian places of worship. Using pictures and/or diagrams, describe the main features of the buildings and the furnishings.B) Explain the significance of these features and furnishings for the worshipper and how they reflect and assist beliefC) 'You do not need to go to a place of public worship to be a Christian.' Do you agree? Give reasons to ...view middle of the document...

St Benedicts as well as being a Catholic Church it is also a monastery where 20 monks live and pray. They have a set routine at which they start prayer at six in the morning.Catholic churches are known to be over the top and ornate, with glamorous stain-glass and beautiful statues. These can all be seen in the photos taken of inside St Benedicts.The United Reform Church was formed in 1972 when the Congregational Church and the Presbyterian Church of England joined together.In St Andrews Church like other United Reformed Churches it is independent and elects its own minister. All churches are part of a federation with twelve moderators as overseers. Britain is divided up between them into Provinces.A moderator is elected and can stop being a moderator if they want to. However a bishop once consecrated always remains a bishop. The United Reformed Church doesn't have the pope as their leader. Some time ago there was a large split in the Western Church, a movement called the Reformation. It questioned the traditional teachings, these Reformed Churches no longer accepted the pope as their leader. The United Reformed Church only recently formed looks mainly to the Bible for guidance just like other Reformed Churches.St Benedicts church from the outside is incredibly flamboyant. It stands high above houses. You are able to see the huge stain-glass window and large entrance. By having steps at the front it makes the church even more important. The United Reformed church on the outside is a large church. There is a modern wing added on which is a centre for the worshippers. In contrast even though it is still quite a dominant church it is not as over-powering from first glance as St Benedicts is.Inside St Benedicts is a huge Catholic Church. Like other Catholic Churches it has a high ceiling, with the altar at the end of the church and two intricate stain-glass windows on opposite ends. There are many pews and archways on either side indicating the opalescence of Roman Catholic churches. There are many steps inside the church and also a lot of marble.In contrast the United Reformed Church inside is smaller and feels more like a close community. This is true, as there is a centre, which you first enter into which is modern, where worshippers can sit and talk, and there are various rooms off.There is also a family tree of all the worshippers at St Andrews's church; it is very much a close knit community. Inside the church area it is modern and quite small. It is simple with only chairs facing the altar and lectern.The altar in St Benedict's church is at the back of the church near where the choir sits. There are a few steps up to it and then another step to the altar. It is made of marble and seems modern but expensive. With the most important symbol for a Christian a cross in the centre of it. Above the altar is Jesus on the crucifix an important symbol of Catholic worship.In St Andrews Church the altar is on a small raised platform. It is wooden and looks...

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