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Foreign Film Essay

1426 words - 6 pages

1. Title: The Intouchables
2. Year of release: 2011
3. Language of original film: French
4. Directors: Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano
5. Actors: François Cluzet and Omar Sy

6. Give a brief plot summary

The movie begins in Paris with Driss driving Phillipe in the car fast and reckless because Phillipe loves fast things. Driss is his caregiver and an excon. The plot of the movie is Phillipe needing a caregiver and him wanting someone that has no pity on him as he is a quadriplegic. Driss has no pity what so ever because he never really wants the job in the first place, he only goes to the interview to get a paper signed for his welfare benefits. During the movie ...view middle of the document...

” His “real disability” is him losing his wife to a fatal illness and having to live without her. The whole point of this movie I think is teaching how different people can get along in the weirdest of circumstances and how people deal with their problems, which I also believe this is the argument as well. Most people would be horrified or not allow Phillipe to hire such a hoodlum as Driss. The context of the movie is a lot of swearing and joking and some violence. I found the context very interesting and funny, to me it seemed mostly a comedy as I did laugh through most of the movie. To elaborate on this subject I’ll give an example. The first time Driss takes Phillipe for a drive he goes to go out of his mansion and there is a black car sitting right in his path and there are two signs saying “keep clear at all times.” Phillipe tells Driss it is his neighbor and that he parks their all the time like he owns the place. Driss gets out of the car and bangs on his hood and simply says “hey blondie, how are you doing?” then roughly opens his door grabs him shoves him in front of the sign and makes him read it loudly three times and then calmly tells him not to park their again. This is a good example of how the context of the movie was portrayed, because most of the scenes were funny like this. After Driss gets back in the car Phillipe looks at him in such a way that you know they have become friends from that moment on.

8. What is your response to the message of the film? Why do you respond this way? Show that you are thinking about your own thinking here and the biases/assumption about the world you bring to your viewing. Did the film change the way you view the subject? Why or why not?

I think this movie had a great message about giving people a chance no matter of their past or their disability. Driss having a record of robbery and getting in trouble and Phillipe being a rich quadriplegic. I respond this way because this is based on a true story and there really are people that are not judgmental and do give people a chance. I think knowing this is a true story made me think deeper about the film and also making me like it better as I love watching inspiring true stories that have a heart filled ending. I believe people assume they should never interact with people that are different or have a different back ground; they think it’s weird or not right so they just don’t do it. People are afraid of doing anything different than their everyday lifestyle in fear of what’s going to happen. This film has that message also. It’s ok to be around different people, especially if it’s going to make you feel better or help you in long run of your life. Yes the film did change the...

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