"Foreign Policy" By Cheri Pytash This Is An Outline For A Chapter About Foreign Policy

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I Foreign PolicyA Introduction1 The goal of foreign policy is to promote peace and friendship with other nations.2 Interdependence is mutual reliance of the world's nations.a Such INTERDEPENDENCE means nations must cooperate in seeking world peace, freedom, and prosperity.II Conducting Foreign RelationsA Introduction1 The way the nation follows its foreign policy affects a country's foreign relations.a FOREIGN RELATIONS are the way a nation deals with the governments of other nations.B Presidents Role1 Military Powersa The president makes recommendations to congress about the military'ssize and equipmentb The president can order troops, planes, and warships into action.1 However, only ...view middle of the document...

S. foreign policy is to maintain peace.B Diplomacy1 The process of conducting relations between nations.2 Diplomacy is used to,a prevent warb negotiate an end to conflictsc solve problemsd establish communication between nations3 President is a nation's chief diplomat4 Personal Diplomacy is when the person travels to other countries to meet with foreign leaders and consult with foreign officials in U.S..5 personal diplomacy is a summit.a A Summit is a meeting among leaders of two or more nations to discuss issues that concern those nations.6 Diplomacy is also carried out by other government officialsa state department officials often represent the president in trying to settle conflicts between other nationsb when diplomats travel back and forth between different nations its called "shuttle diplomacy"C Alliances1 The U.S. had many alliances with Japan, Spain, South Korea and Philippines.2 Some alliances that were formed were;a OAS (1948) its goal was mutual defense and peaceful dispute settlementsb Anzus (1951) goal was to provide mutual defense in case of attackc NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization1 Formed in 1949 to establish a united front against threat and aggression.D Foreign Aid1 Foreign Aid is any government program that provides economic or military assistance to other nations2 After World War II in 1947 Secretary of State plans to help war torn nations by;a rebuilding factoriesb farmsc homed transportation systems3 Peace corps established by Kennedy in 1960 send volunteers to countries that request assistance4 Peace corps volunteera teachingb engineeringc agricultured health care workE Foreign Trade1 U.S. government must constantly struggle with economic challenges facing the world2 Foreign trade is a central focus of U.S. foreign policya nations of the Pacific Ring compete with U.S. in producing and sellinggoods which creates high demands.3 Countries that experience rapid industrialization and economic growth areNewly Industrialized Countries4 The success of these nations in global economy has had impact on the U.S. byBalance of Trade or, difference in...

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