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Foreign Policy Of Pakistan Essay

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Foreign Policy is one of those strategic frameworks that faces the most criticism and disapproval
in Pakistan. As easy as it is to perceive the criticism articulated by a journalist or an anchor;
however it is equally difficult to suggest an alternative course of action, and it is even more
unpleasant to justify it. Considering, my inexperience as a student, I will not suggest an
alternative to the previously adopted foreign policies of Pakistan. Instead, I will try to analyze
the mechanism of foreign policy making and I will make an attempt to explain, where we went
wrong as a state and as a nation.
To understand the whys and wherefores of how nations act in their relations with each ...view middle of the document...

It is important for a state to implement its foreign policy by using effective leverage and
influence. Therefore, for my convenience I have categorized the above mentioned defects into
two categories: Positive leverage and Negative leverage. Strong Diplomatic, Economic, Defense
and Media Policies project an organized and influential strategic framework; this may serve as a
positive leverage. On the other hand, the failure to negotiate national interests can be attributed
to use of negative leverage. Like Manto said (Jalal), “Dear uncle, Pakistan is internally so
troubled that your fire and fury only ends up aiding and abetting your main enemies there. Surely
you cannot be in league with them, otherwise you would not be chanting so loudly about the
need for a democratic Pakistan?” It can be concluded that it is essential for two states to perceive
each other’s perspectives and interests. And in the case of Pakistan and USA, it is complicated.
Since Foreign Policy highlights a states stance in the international community, it is crucial to
support the strategy and policy through the strength of domestic infrastructure. Pakistan has
managed to formulate its foreign policy but has failed to use it to influence international
decisions and events. In other words, Pakistan has been unsuccessful in using positive leverage
(e.g. strong economy) to establish or negotiate its demands and interests. China, on the other
hand, has successfully influenced USA’s policies with the help of its strong economy.
Pakistan’s foreign policy has been inclined towards achieving short term goals, rather than
absolute long-term objectives. These objectives have been achieved using negative leverages, e.
g Jihad and Islamic radicalism. Religion has once again, not only served as a tool to pacify the
masses, but it has also been used to justify foreign strategic policies, such as Afghan Jihad war.
Islamic radicalism that led to an everlasting damage to the reputation of Islam was a result of
short sighted vision. While analyzing and identifying national objectives, few important
questions need to be addressed, Who will profit from the future affairs that a national desires?
Are these advantages sole for that nation, or will other nations also benefit? This debate of
national vs. humanitarian objectives magnifies issues and phrases like ‘trust’ and ‘friendship’ for
two or more nations. Foreign policy therefore, defines the nature of alliances that take form in
the Global Community.
As a result of historical experiences and sociological environment, the people of a nation develop

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