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There are 31 majors offered at Eastern Connecticut State University, from women studies to economics all of which provide their own enlightening course work and career choices after college. If you ask anyone why they chose their major, they will give you a unique story on how that one subject caught their eye, or how they hope to find themselves succeeding through their endeavors in a certain field. Personally, I chose accounting for the career opportunities and job security. There has been and always will be a need for accountants, people who understand, track, and can decipher complicated financial information. With a degree in accounting on my resume I can be ...view middle of the document...

On top of already studying accounting and wanting to stay employed by the federal government, I also have a moral calling to be a forensic accountant for the FBI. I am completely for big business as it provides for a fair share of jobs and taxes in our country, but I am against executives cheating the government and costing innocent people their jobs. I think it is ridiculous that executives can steal millions, sink their companies to the ground, cost hundreds and thousands of people to lose everything, and only get a slap on their wrist. According to the NY Times article, “Judge Sentences Former Enron Chief”, Jeff Skillings, a former Enron executive, was only sentenced to 24 years in prison after taking part in the destruction of the lives of 20,000 employees and costing investors billions. Now compare this to Curtis Land, according to he was sentenced life in prison for violating his third strike for burglary (Mayo). I am not defending Curtis Land but instead think that Jeff Skilling, who crime was many times worse, should be punished as the common man would be. I feel that as a forensic accountant for the FBI, I can help discover fraud, save the lives of innocent employees, and help bring down those who wish to take advantage of their position.
Forensic accounting is similar to auditing, where you review financial statements for accuracy and look for any inconsistencies in what they portray. Forensic accounting is different from auditing and other similar types of accounting because there is a criminal investigative side to it. For example forensic accountants participate in checking if there was intentional negligence by other professionals in the field, check statements to evaluate how much money it to be paid for child support, and many other jobs such as insurance fraud, personal injury claims, royalty audits (Forensic). FBI forensic accounts also provide in a wide variety of investigative accounting. Since the FBI is highly involved in the fraudulent side of criminal law accountants calculate economic damages from torts and contract breeches, post-acquisition disputes, bankruptcy, securities fraud, and computer forensics (Forensic). In an interview conducted by the FBI with a forensic accountant in the New Haven branch the question, “Can you describe a memorable case for us?” was asked, the following was his reply, “An individual was stealing money that was in transit from banks to ATMs…I was able to prove that over $1 million had been deposited across 20 bank accounts that was used for personal gain…after presenting the evidence I had to the defense attorney, the subject pled guilty” (Forensic). It is experiences like this one that I hope to live when I finally become a forensic accountant. To be able to testify as an expert witness and help stop people from taking advantage of our financial system would be a dream come true.
According to the FBI website, in order to become a forensic accountant...

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