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Foreshadowing In Anna Karenina Essay

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Foreshadowing in Anna Karenina


      Throughout life there are situations which arise that seem to have been

hinted earlier. You might not have noticed the hint when it first appeared, but

suddenly at one point it finally dawns on you. The same goes for the literary

aspect of foreshadowing. The novel Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy has many

instances where the situations are similar to the one described above. The

following paragraphs will present the foreshadowing that is included in this



      When Anna Karenina is met by her brother Oblonsky at the train station,

a scene arises that clues into a valuable part of the story. She had ...view middle of the document...

She immediately recognizes it to be Vronsky and she

feels 'a strange feeling of pleasure mixed with a feeling of vague apprehension

suddenly stirred in her heart.'( page 90)This tells of what may be the conflict

in the plot.


        The day after the great ball Anna announces that she must leave. Dolly

expresses her gratitude toward everything Anna has done to help her in her time

of crisis. She tells Anna that she does not know of a person with a greater

heart. Anna tells her that Kitty was depressed because Vronsky spent the evening

with her. She exclaims that it wasn't her fault. Dolly remarks that Anna sounds

exactly like Stiva. Anna appears to be offended and says that she is nothing

like Stiva. In the end she ends acting similar to Stiva.


      Kitty was quite depressed and Dolly knew what was troubling her. She

went to visit Kitty and told her that she was going through what all women go

through at one point in their life. Kitty told her that she was very unhappy and

expressed great sadness when Dolly mentioned Levin. Dolly then realized that

Kitty was really sad because she had refused Levin's proposal and now that

Vronsky had left her she was 'now ready to devote her love to Levin'. ( Page



      Clearly depicted in them paragraphs above, foreshadowing is present in

many key parts of the novel Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. Perhaps this is

Tolstoy's way of telling readers to identify this element more often. Or maybe

he wants us to observe life in this literary view.



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