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Forever, An Illusion Or Reality? Essay

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FOREVER, an Illusion or Reality?

'Forever' has been and in-demand topic for teenangers nowadays. It is being talked by almost everyone. You would see it on your classrooms, in your surroundings and most probably, in the internet. It has been in a surveys in number of polls. It has been trending on twitter with the hashtag #Forever. But first of all, what really is, 'Forever'? So this word has a very wide scope of meanings. It could be forever in existence of life, a thing and of course, in LOVE.
According to my Dictionary, forever means lasting, permanent, continually and for always. Scientifically saying, we can already conclude ...view middle of the document...

It has been always a very different game. I don't know but somehow, I do believe in forever when we talk about love. It seems so magical when two people die being in love with each other. I have some respect to those people who are celebrating their silver and gold anniversaries same with my grandpa and my grandma. I can see that those two are still sweet even though they've been together since 60 years, I think. How they managed to keep their relationship for a very long time and still they do say that they will love each other until the end of time, until the end of their time. Like the movies I once watched, 'The Notebook' wherein the two lovers both died holding hands together, in 'Titanic' wherein Jack died but Rose kept her faith until she also died, in 'Romeo and Juliet' wherein these two both died for each other. All those movies represents their trust in each other that they defy death. Well maybe I guess it is in their belief and their urge to have forever. The mutuality of their feelings to believe in forever makes it really possible for a two people to love each other until infinity and beyond. You know kisses, sexes, giving gifts and chocolates cannot determine that your...

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