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Formal Analysis

891 words - 4 pages

Dwayne D. Moore Jr.
AD 207A - Art History I
T.A. – Adrienne Foster
February 16, 2011

Formal Analysis: Here (Nicholas Vergette)

“Here” is a freestanding sculpture, and it stands about 10 ½ ‘ tall, and it resides here at the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. The statue was constructed by the late professor of the School of Art and Design, Nicholas Vergette, and could quite possibly be seen as a tribute to the School of Art and Design. The freestanding sculpture is arranged on top of hill in front of the new Morris Library, and sits in a very circular stance. All of the sculptures presented here are all presented in different types of colors.

The sculpture itself is in ...view middle of the document...

The shapes themselves cannot be seen as truly being geometric, but in the sense can be seen as abstract, off-center, unintentional, and unique. The sense of squares are seen as a relative part here, but have rounded edges, jagged edges, curvilinear lines, rhomboids, cut offs, parallelograms, etc. In all of the pieces the upper portions of the sculptures tend to lean in a certain direction, none of the pieces have a straight edge. Where the sculpture meets the ground, has the viewer wondering if the piece itself continues into the ground. By allowing the viewers eye to follow the movement of the piece, one can sense the intensity and a regular standards from a normal's culture.

When looking at this piece, one tends to think of the infamous “Stonehenge”. There are more than 10 stone pillars. Each pillar's shape, color and patterns are different. When looking at this particular piece, I noticed something at the very top of one of the sculptures itself. There was a scroll on the top of one of the sculptures, which is very interesting based on how the sculpture is laid out. This piece titled “here”, really is similar to the Stonehenge itself, because of the way and the placement of every piece that makes up this sculpture altogether. When thinking of the Stonehenge, we know that the Stonehenge is a very prehistoric landmark known to all people. Although Stonehenge consists of, are large sets of stones that are placed in a circular placement. A similarity that is seen between the two pieces, and makes one believe that Prof. Nicholas Vergette...

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