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Forming Habits Essay

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Forming Habits


Forming Habits
I was raised in a family with three brothers and I had to prove myself all the time. I always felt someone else was telling me how to do things and how to run my live instead of me being able to live my own life and learn from my mistakes. Growing up with three brothers who were already in the habit of arguing when I was adopted into the family, it seems it was hard not to pick up the same habit.
Were there role models for this habit? I would not call arguing a good habit. Therefore I would not state my brothers were role molds for this habit, but an influence. When there are three people around you doing the same thing, it is hard to break the ...view middle of the document...

These behaviors can be good or bad. The child will not even realize that they will be picking these behaviors up. When children argue to prove their point to others, this becomes an unconscious behavior because the child will start to behave this way without thinking about it. The behavior was influence by the other children around them. As this child grows older, is the habit is not addressed and broke, this bad habit of arguing will influence others around them. As this child becomes and adults with this bad habit, they will influence their own children to pick up the same bad habit. With this scenario, you know have an adult and their children with the same bad habit. This cycle must be broke somewhere or it will continue and could cause relationships to be bad.
·        This habit of arguing and having to try to proof your point is influenced through social interaction with others. This habit will be something to influence others around them throughout their life. The more others will be around this habit, the more chance that they will pick up on this habit due to the social interaction they have and will continue to have. When children are around other children, this is social interaction. Through this interaction, the more others are around each other, the more chance there will be for each other to pick up behaviors from others. When people become close to others such as best friends, they will start to pick up trait from each other.
When there are bad habits such as arguing, something needs to be done to change this habit as it is a negative and bad habit. In order to change this habit, one much realizes it is a habit and something that needs to be changed or corrected. When it comes to arguing, this is a habit that will take time to change. In order to change this habit of arguing, one must start listening to what to the other person is saying with an open mind. She must listen with an open mind. When she is able to listen to the words with an...

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