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Forward Osmosis At Green University Essay

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Green, Easy and Cheap
The green, easiest, cheapest and newest technology to treat water at Green University



I. TYPE OF WATER IN NEED FOR TREATMENT AT THE GREEN UNIVERSITY...........................................................…...1

A. Swimming Pools .....................................................................................................................................................…...3

B. Water from Mosques................................................................................................................................................…...3

C. ...view middle of the document...

When designing the Green University, one of the most important issues is water pollution. One of the methods proposed is desalination but desalination uses fossil fuel for treating water and as a result, the air pollution will increase. It is true that it will solve the water problem but it will create air pollution. As a result, water recycling concepts has been proposed to improve water uses and treatment at the Green University. One of the new technologies that are used for water recycling at the University is called Forward Osmosis. Forward Osmosis is the best solution for recycling water at the Green University because it has high efficiency and low cost


In order to determine the sources of wasted water, a questionnaire has been distributed for 50 students from different levels at KFUPM. The purpose was to known the water that is being used in these areas. The questions of the questionnaire and the number of the rating made by the students are as the following:

Table 1: Where do you believe most of water is wasted?
Type | Rate |
Mosques | 17 |
Swimming pools | 16 |
Cafeteria and restaurant | 3 |
Bathroom (bathing) | 12 |
Bathroom (toilet) | 2 |
Source: (Al Mazyed, 2011)

Fig 1: Waste Water

Source: (Al Mazyed, 2011)

According to the answers, a graph representation was used to simplify the results. The highest source of water used according to the answers is the mosques. The second place is the swimming pools and the third one bathing water in the bathrooms. The arrangements of these places according to the answers of students are as the following:
1) Mosques
2) Swimming pools
3) Bathroom (bathing)
4) Cafeteria and restaurant
5) Bathroom (toilet)
Based on these answers, the type of water in need for treatment at the green university will be grouped into three major groups according to the quantity of water used in them. The first one is the water used in mosques. The second one is the swimming pools and finally, the third one is other places which are the cafeteria and restaurant and bathroom (toilet). (Al Mazyed, 2011)

A. Water from Mosques

After determining those mosques uses the highest quantities of water at KFUPM, the quantities of water should be calculated. The calculation is based on the facts that there about 10,000 students and about 2000 employees, workers and faculty and there are five prayers per day.

B. Swimming Pools

The second place that has large quantities of water is the swimming pools. Each university has at least one swimming pool. For the case of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), there are three large Olympic swimming pools that are reserved for the students. The water that is used in the swimming pool is changed every week. Because of that, the amount of water used for swimming pools is large.

C. Others

Finally, the last three types of places that use...

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