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Four Components Of A Legally Astute Social Media Marketing Manager

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With the advances in technology constantly changing companies have to find better ways to market their products to consumers. The explosion of Facebook has given companies a way to market products to consumers. Examine how a legally astute manager can use social media to his advantage. Review different forms of dispute resolution and determine which one works the best. What is the best course of action, the government can use to control consumer transactions that occur across state lines. Which branch of government can be the most effective at regulating consumer transaction via social media? Give an explanation of the agency relationship that exists between social media ...view middle of the document...

This will make products that are far superior to what the completion will produce. The manager would be able to use Facebook to advertise products to over five hundred million consumers. Without the price tag of a large ad campaign. Another component of being legally astute is being proactive. Using this feature instead of seeing the law as something that is preventing you from achieving you goal. Use the law to make products that exceed what is required by the law. By thinking ahead of the changes in the law this give you the advantage, to get legal counsel involved at the beginning of a project, so that they can anticipate what will be required as far as legal advice on new business ventures, whether something is possible as it pertains to the law. They can also address any law that may be perceived as a threat. They should consider all aspects of the law when giving advice. Is it moral to do, will there be any political implications, what types of social issues can it cause, and what are economic costs to produce a product? By seeking the advice of a legal team, they can provide advice that makes legal sense. They can also give you the business sense of what may happen. In addition to that they can give you legal advice on how to handle a given situation at a specific time. They can also provide information throughout the duration of the project. They can use Facebook to interact about new promotions that a company has going on to see what the buzz will be, for a new product that is being developed, this could help the company find the target audience for the product. So it does not waste time paying for advertising, during a time when the target audience is not watching television, or listening to the radio. Using the judgment component, because when new laws are established there is usually no guideline of how the law should be applied, this is where judgment can be a valuable asset. This would be the time that a firm needs exact advice, on how to proceed in this situation. There could be more than one action that can be taken to comply with the law, but only one action will benefit the firm. It would be a good idea to have all the managers, available to brainstorm which decision would be the correct one, and make sure that the move is legal. In some cases lawyers working for the firm can be more cautious than a lawyer that would be hired on the outside, to come in and consult on a specific situation. Legally astute managers should also consider whether the outcome will be beneficial to the firm despite what the legal team may think their chances are. Legally astute managers understand, even though there is are a problem where a legal team is required, they are still business problems and require a business minded person to make the final decision on how to proceed. This gives the firm the advantage because they know, when and how to use the legal team to obtain better outcomes. While using Facebook to communicate to the target audience,...

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