Four Different Approaches Of Motivation Essay

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Motivation represents the forces acting on or within a person who causes the person to behave in a specific and goal-directed manner (Locke, E.A., and Latham, et al). Slocum/Hellriegel (2007) stated that there are four different approaches to motivation, satisfying basic human needs, designing motivational jobs, encouraging beliefs that desired rewards can be achieved and equal treatment of people. Although experts have differing views on what motivates employees and how working conditions can affect their careers, they have come to a consensus that it is essential for organizations to attract and retain people, provide a suitable environment for work and motivate them to perform beyond ...view middle of the document...

We can look at how Nucor Corporation operates using a motivation theory to motivate their employees.

At Nucor, the motivation factors for the workers are based on a decentralized management philosophy; they are only four level of organization structure (supervisor, department manager, vise president/general manager and Chairman). Most of their operating decisions are made at the division level or lower. The organization has applied a reinforcement theory which rewards the individual’s performance based on their good work and also will penalize for their bad performances. Employees earn the weekly based pay; on top of that they also received their weekly bonus based in the production. These opportunities reward employees for meeting the goals and targets, with continuation of employment and bonuses. Their bonuses are not base on the individual performances but rather on the group effort. The organization had set a goal, saying ‘a bonus are tied to the production of defect-free steel by an employee’s entire shift can triple the average steelworker’s take home pay’ (Kreitner/Kinicki, 2008). There are other positive reinforcement benefits in Nucor, every year they will publish annual reports with ‘every employee’s name on the cover of the annual report’ [2] to appreciate their effort put in over the year. This will also make every employee proud. A former Auburn employee, whose company was been taken over by Nucor, did not realize that he would earn a much better salary under Nucor’s pay system. Although he started with his previous pay at Auburn, soon after his pay became an attractive pull factor. It was raised 3 times more than what he got when he just joined after 3 years. But if the employee came late for 5 minutes, they will have 1 day bonus deducted, if they were late for 30 minutes, they will lose 1 week bonus. As for the maintenance personnel, there will be no bonus if the plant or equipment is not operating. With this punishment policy, they tried to discourage the employee to having this type of behavior and be committed to the organization.

In Nucor, everyone is treated the same, the employees have the right to appeal when they believe they are treated unfairly. Even the CEO does not take advantage of his position to take business class flight and have exclusive parking lot. There is a fair treatment throughout the whole organization. ‘Their executive pay is geared towards team building, the management’s bonuses depends on the entire corporation’s return and so there is no glory in winning at their own plant if others are falling’ [2], look at the example on Hutchins, he claimed that during his days at Auburn, when the plants are down, they can take a breather and have a coffee. Unlike in Nucor, it is not just the maintenance teams that are anxious when the plants are down, everyone else would also work on it and help each other. Instead of being individualistic, they work as one organization.

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