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The Four Goals of Psychology
Developed in the nineteenth century, psychology is the study of the human mind and its interaction with its surroundings. Based upon the findings of scientific research, the four goals of psychology are based upon critical thinking. Information taken from this research of observations and measurements makes it a perfect example for learning more about behavior.
Describe, understand, predict, and control behavior are the four goals of psychology (Coon, 2007). These four goals help psychologists gain a better understanding of the factors that cause different types of behavior and they are also a thorough way to help identify the problems of these behaviors.
When a psychologist describes behavior, they make an attempt to understand what is deemed acceptable, normal and unhealthy in a person’s life. They observe one’s ...view middle of the document...

This is a fundamental goal of all science. Explanations can hurt humanity too, because they are determined through qualitative and quantitative observations, including experimentations. So how can you experiment on a person, and say the findings are the cause of their behaviors? Explanations cannot be the cause of your culture or society being the blame for your behavior. Neither ones culture nor society can give an explanation of why a person behaves the way that the do.
Predicting behavior is also another attempt by psychology. Prediction is used to determine whether an individual will make good or bad choices, or how they perform in their environment. This too can hurt humanity, because they are basing how the individual behaved in a previous setting, to where they are now. Just because a person failed in high school, does not alter them from being successful in college. Although predicting is not certain, people do use it towards a person’s ability to perform.
Controlling behavior is what psychology does to get an individual to adapt to his environment. I find that this can help humanity. A person does need to know how to act around different people in their environment. Psychology attempts to able a person to control their behavior for long term healthy gain.
Psychology has made many attempts to verify why a people behavior differs from others, but they are not God and can only make guesses of why a person acts the way that they do. If your Mom is a doctor and your father a lawyer that does not mean that their offspring are to follow in their footsteps too. This is one way that psychology hurts humanity, because they are feeding many people with this scenario that you are to be just like your parents. I know a many of people that come from good families and still are “black sheep” of their family. So I do not think psychology should predict this as being a reason for behavior issues.
Psychology has made many advances in focusing on the four goals, but they are not God and cannot predict one’s future.

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