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Fourth Of July Essay

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In the summer of 2012, my mother and I decided to go up north to Medford, Wisconsin. This weekend it was a special day! The Fourth of July! All I was worried about was fireworks. I love fire my parents always called me a pyro as a little kid. Son we packed up all our stuff for the weekend and headed out for the long car ride ahead of us. The first thing I saw when we pulled up was a huge landscape filled with trees and small, leafy brush everywhere! In the middle of it was a gigantic pond, I guess you could call it a lake. It was this weekend that I added multiple things to my experiences. Boating, lighting off fireworks, and getting lost in the woods changed my perspective a little bit.
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Jim also had asked at breakfast if I wanted to help him get all the fireworks ready for tonight. Not only that but I could help him and his friend light off fireworks! Jim and his friend Steve both have their Pyro-Technicians license so they can buy fireworks directly from china at more than half the cost of what you can get them in the United States for. They kept all the fireworks in a pole barn that was nearby.
As the day rolled on, Jim and I began to tape off the area so all the little kids wouldn’t go in the area with all the dangerous equipment.
Jim said, “Shane, go fill up these watering cans just in case there is a fire.”
While going to fill up these huge watering cans my dog Zona jumped on into the lake and got me wet. She is a Black Lab and Blue Heeler, full of energy. Anyways after I got the watering cans filled and brought them back, Jim and Steve asked me to unwrap all of the mortar fireworks. The mortars are the big circle firework explosions. All different kind of colors and array of displays. I mean we had $15,000 dollars’ worth of fireworks from china so it took me about 20 minutes to unwrap them all.
“Then you need to get the electric tape and help tape 50 mortars together for the finale,” Jim said.
I replied, “Alright, then what do you want me to do?”
“Go find the torch that we need to light the fireworks tonight, it should be in the garage way up front by the house.”
“Alright,” I said.
Throughout the rest of the day Jim had me doing little things to help get ready for tonight. I was so happy I couldn’t even hold in my excitement. It was lunch time and still all I could think about was all of the fireworks I get to light of tonight. As night approached, and we were almost ready to start the fireworks, my mom came and took some pictures of all the fireworks we had set up. Finally it was time, fireworks!
As the night sky turned black, we slowly started lighting off some small fireworks while we continued to set up what would be lit up next. We had so many that the whole show lasted an hour and a half. This is one of the longest...

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