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Fox Meyer Drug Company Case Essay

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A careful analysis reveals what went wrong with FoxMeyer that transformed the pharmaceutical giant into the biggest liquidation case in US Bankruptcy HistoryFoxMeyer sued SAP, Andersen and Pinnacle. This is just a knee-jerk reaction of a business entity that had gone down. It wants to take others in its fall. It is easier to pass the blame on to something else because the hardest thing in the world is to call one’s self stupid and claim full responsibility. After all, FoxMeyer is an American Firm, it just did what a stereotypical American firm would have done given the situation – pass the buck and sue.Anyone is his right mind, any disciple of objectivity and rationality will ask ...view middle of the document...

In effect, FoxMeyer is admitting that it treated the ERP system the way the astronauts in Space Odyssey 2001 regarded the Supercomputer Hal. It is just that Space Odyssey 2001 is Science Fiction – born out of the imagination of Arthur Clarke and Stanley Kubrick. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. In FoxMeyer’s case, it is sad but true.It is also worth mentioning that FoxMeyer’s rival in the 1990’s McKesson hired SAP’s services for the same ERP package and McKesson did not go bankrupt in the process.After its collapse, a former FoxMeyer executive admitted that what hastened the collapse of the company was a combination of four elements – FoxMeyer entered contracts that weren’t feasible; a ridiculous pricing structure; an overzealous sales strategy; and that it believed its own projections and moved on blindly. These are the heads and tails that led to FoxMeyer’s bankruptcy. It was a case of too many management mistakes going on at the same time. First, it heavily banked on the University Health Care Contract that went dud. Second, FoxMeyer anticipated the $40 million cost savings per year due to the new ERP and automated warehousing systems. In its desire to capture a bigger market share, FoxMeyer thought that it would be...

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