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Frankenstein 4 Essay

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Chapter five of ‘Frankenstein’ is crucial to creating a sense of horror in the novel. How does Shelley achieve this?

The gothic horror novel published in 1818 called ‘Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein’ consists of the major themes of life and death, love and sex and also how man challenges god. The alternative name for this novel is called “The Modern Day Prometheus”, the author who wrote this was aged 19 when Mary Shelley wrote this, many people was surprised to learn that a young girl would ever write a novel as unique and horrendous as this.

Through-out the story of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s life is portrayed thought-out the events in several chapters, for example as Mary Shelley’s ...view middle of the document...

After that he expresses his outrage with the words “Great God!” this is very awkward because what Victor has accomplished is already challenging god.

When Victor sees the monster he pessimistically calls his breakthrough a “demonical corpse”, after spending 2 years isolated from the outside world, and abandoning his relationship to realise that what he has accomplished was antagonizing.

Victor makes the monster seem inhumane. He describes the monsters eyes as “dull” and “yellow”, using these colours indicates illness or death.
He then comments the monster with sentences such as “his hair was of a lustrous black, and flowing; his teeth of a pearly whiteness” this clearly contrasts between life and death, evaluating the monsters characteristics with words such as; “luxuriance” and “horrid”, which switches between beautiful and atrociousness, which ultimately makes the reader think that Victors judgment is very diverse.

The dull colours used to describe the eyes contrasts between emptiness and the brightness of a normal child also, Mary Shelley describes the creation of the monster similar to the birth of a normal child, “His jaws opened, and he muttered some inarticulate sounds,” this is very similar to normal birth, because babies aren’t capable of talking when being born.

Mary Shelley refers the monster to mummies by using, “A mummy again endued with animation could not be so hideous as that wretch” this sentence shows the reader that Victor realizes that what he has accomplished is erroneous, this ultimately sets the tone and pace for the duration of chapter 5.

Mary Shelley refers to many novels during the 18th century within chapter 5; Shelley refers to ‘Dante’s inferno’ which is a novel about a man called Dante who travels through the nine depths of hell, Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treason, in which he see’s many disturbing images, and eventually sees Satan. “A thing such as even Dante could not have conceived”, this description shows that Victor is linking the monster to hell and that the nine depths of hell were not disturbing enough.

There are many similarities to Victor and the Ancient Mariner, including quotations from the novels, and also how both of them are egotistical, and obsessed. In the poem of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, the mariner is haunted/ stalked by an albatross. This relates to Victor being...

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