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Frankenstein Lit Circles 2014 (3) Essay

1954 words - 8 pages

Literature Circle Session



My Role



Mon. Oct. 28



Fri. Nov. 31



Wed. Nov. 5



Mon. Nov. 10



Thr. Nov. 13

Instructions:You must have done the assigned reading & annotating prior to the session.Each group member must rotate roles. As such, will have a chance to complete all roles once.Must bring the following to each session: notes, your text and individual response(s) as per role chosen.At any given session you may be asked to submit your response for that day.Social CriticClosely examine 3-5 examples that display character follyand/or ...view middle of the document...

(point-form)Write down the responses of the group to your questions (point-form)Length of approx. 300+ words/ 3 - 4 paragraphs; 3 - 5 min.Thematic ThinkerIdentify ONE important theme(full statement) that is developed in the section from the topic tracking list.Find at least THREE passages/ quotations from the novel to support the theme you've identified (provide page references)Provide a written explanation of how EACH passage develops the theme identifiedAsk others to comment/ agree/ disagree w. your theme & analysisWrite down the responses of the group to your questions (point-form)Length of approx. 300+ words/ 3 - 4 paragraphs; 5 - 10 min.Literary LuminaryChoose 3 - 4 key passages from the assigned reading section that you think are important to, or interesting in the study of the novel.The passages should be parts of the text that everyone needs to re-read, think about and discuss in detail. (copy the passage down and read out aloud to group)Passages to consider:Surprising or startling moments, incidentsMoments where the author seems to be establishing or developing a themeConfusing passages or situations (hard to understand for you or for others)Passages where devices such as: foreshadowing, irony, symbols or striking imagery are usedIntroduction to or last words of a main characterControversial events that may provoke debate, interesting opinionsWrite your own response to the passages and reveal them to the group once they have respondedLength of approx. 300+ words/ 3 - 4 paragraphs; 5 - 10 min.Connector/Web CrawlerEnhances reading by using Internet to provide supplementary information. The information must be relevant, appropriate and indicative of thoughtful reading.Find 1 supplementary source that is applicable and will enhance your groups' understanding of the sectionPrint out and bring copies to distribute; include an explanation of your source and WHY/HOW it is relevantLength of approx. 300+ words/ 3 - 4 paragraphs; 5 - 10 min.Some suggested areas of inquiry:Photos-artwork e. Movie/song/poemCurrent Media f. Research on a specific item in the novelHistoryInclude: MLA works cited of your source(s) Sherry Shelley's FrankensteinLITERATURE CIRCLE DISCUSSION GROUPSGroup 1AshleyJeff PJerryTaffyYaleGroup 2SalenaFatimaVictorNathanJeffery JGroup 3Khadija JJeffery...

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