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Frankenstein Reading Report Form

1194 words - 5 pages


Title : Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus Name : Farahdiba R. Fitri
Writer : Mary Shelley Student number : 120912018
Publisher : Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor & Jones Class : B
Year : 11 March 1818
Number of pages: 280 pages

1. Main Character (s) and characterization
a. Victor Frankenstein: The creator of the monster. He is from wealth and happy family and having 2 young brothers. When he studied in Ingolstadt, he creates a huge body from scavenged corps parts and bringing life to this monster. But he realize that his monster is the worst thing he has done, because this monster had killed people he love. Finally ...view middle of the document...

Justine Moritz: Another beautiful girl who adopted by Frankenstein family. Actually she is nice, but she accused of William Frankenstein’s murder, because trapped by the Monster.
g. Alphonse Frankenstein: Victor’s father who is famous in his society because of his benefaction. He also lovely husband and parent who always care about his family.
h. Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein: Victor’s mother, Alphonse’s wife and Beaufort’s daughter. She is perfect wife and mother. She died because of scarlet fever when Victor was 17.

2. Supporting Characters and characterization
a. Mrs. Margaret Saville: Robert Walton’s sister who always received the letter
b. Beaufort: A merchant who is Alphonse’s best friend and Caroline’s father.
c. Ernest Frankenstein: Victor’s brother and he is 7 years younger than Victor. He is the only Frankenstein family who survive in this novel.
d. William Frankenstein: Victor’s youngest brother. He loved by all Frankenstein family because he is cheerful and sweet. He is killed by the monster in the forest outside Geneva.
e. De Lacey Family: A blind old man, with his children Felix and Agatha. This is the family which the Monster observes and learns about how to speak and interact. But they are afraid when the Monster offer friendship with them and chase Monster away.

3. Setting
a. Setting of time: In Eighteenth-century.
b. Setting of place: Ranges all over Europe, such us: Geneva, Switzerland (Home of Frankenstein family, where Victor grows up); Ingolstadt (the College where Victor studied and creates the Monster in laboratory there); North Pole, Arctic (where Captain Robert Walton find Victor Frankenstein) etc.

4. Plot
a. Introduction: Story begins with the letter of Captain Robert Walton to his sister which told about his rescue of Victor Frankenstein. Victor told him about his life story and his experience of creating a monster that destroy his life.
b. Rising Action: Victor studied in Ingolstadt and created a huge body which from scavenged corps parts. After his monster alive, Victor felt fear because his monster looks ugly and hideous. So he ran out and abandoned it. He hoped that monster would disappear forever. But, after a few months, he got new that his brother, William, has been murdered.
c. Climax: Victor breaks his promise to Monster to make a female monster for accompanying him. Monster knows that Victor cancel his promise and getting angry, than he killed Victor’s friend, Henry. He also killed Victor’s wife Elizabeth in their honeymoon night.
d. Falling Action: After Victor lost...

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