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The Great Depression in the United States was the worst and longest economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world. It lasted from the end of 1929 until the early 1940’s. Beginning in the United States, the depression spread to most of the world’s industrial countries, which in the 20th century had become economically dependent on one another. The Great Depression had quick declines in the production and sale of goods and a sudden and severe rise in unemployment. In 1933, at the worst point in the depression, more than 15 million Americans were unemployed. Starting the Presidency at the depth of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American people ...view middle of the document...

However, Republican Warren Harding got into the presidency, and Roosevelt returned to private life.
In the summer of 1921 Roosevelt contracted poliomyelitis, which is infantile paralysis. Despite efforts to overcome his crippling illness, he never regained the use of his legs. With the encouragement and help of his wife, Eleanor, and political close friend, Louis Howe, Roosevelt resumed his political career. In 1928 he became Governor of New York. Following his reelection as governor in 1930, Roosevelt began to campaign for the presidency. In Chicago in 1932, Roosevelt won the nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for president. He then campaigned energetically calling for government intervention in the economy to provide relief, recovery, and reform. His activist approach and personal charm helped to defeat Hoover in November 1932 by seven million votes.
Roosevelt took on immediate actions to initiate his “New Deal”. To stop depositor panics, he closed the banks temporarily. Then he worked with a special session of Congress during the first "100 days" to pass recovery legislation, which set up alphabet agencies such as the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) to employ young men and the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration) to support farm prices. Other agencies assisted business and labor, insured bank deposits, regulated the stock market, subsidized home and farm mortgage payments, and aided the unemployed. These measures revived confidence in the economy. Banks reopened and direct relief saved millions from starvation. Another aspect of the New Deal legislation followed in 1935 including the establishment of the Works Projects Administration (WPA) which provided jobs not only for laborers but also artists, writers, musicians, and authors, and the Social Security act which provided unemployment compensation and a program of old-age and survivors' benefits. Roosevelt defeated each of his next three candidates running for the presidency becoming the only American president to serve more than two terms.
By 1939 Roosevelt was concentrating more and more on foreign affairs with the outbreak of war in Europe. New Deal reform legislation diminished, and the harms of the Depression would not fully go away until the nation mobilized for war. When Hitler attacked Poland in September...

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