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Creole men of The Awakening


Thesis: In Kate Chopin’s novel, The Awakening the characters of the Creole men are diverse and different as the character Edna. Most of Kate Chopin’s stories center around a Woman unsatisfied with her position in life, while living in a man dominated society. The three main characters are typical men of that era. Chopin shows the diversity in each of those three characters. Roberts awakening, and the struggle to do what is the right thing. Alcee and how he is carefree and not concerned with society’s expectations of him, and so has a reputation. Mr. Pontiller, a business man first and foremost, with little left for wife and family. Robert did the ...view middle of the document...

Perhaps because he is aware of his own neglect, Leonce projects his guilt onto Edna, expecting flawless mammal performance on her part to remedy his domestic absence.” (Patrsn, Out Of A Convention of Awakening, np) Patterson describes Leonce has having self-pity due to his empowererment. With the privileges of wealth and social standing comes self-debasement. Leonce is so caught up in his own ideals that he fails to see his reaction to his wife, and children. He is caught in turmoil between society and having no other way out. “Then Mr. Pontellier got up, saying he had half a mind to go over to Kliens hotel and play a game of billiards. (Chopin, 174)” Leonce does not spend time with his family while at the summer cottage, having never cultivated intimacy with his children and wife, Leonce would rather be with the boys, having fun, doing his own thing, leaving all the everyday responsibilities to his wife, or hired help. Sommerer iv Leonce is out of his element when not doing business. While at home Leonce expects his wife to be attentive to his every word, treating him more like a prospective business partner than her husband. Leonce does not accept Edna’s lack of attention, and gets at her the only way he can, through her children. Leonce has a chance to vent his discouragement toward his wife. “He thought it very discouraging that his wife, the sole object of his existence, envinviced so little interest in things which concerned him and valued so little his conversation. (177)” “He reproached his wife with inattentions (178)” It is obvious that Edna’s inattentions where of Leonce and not the children. Leonce wanted to get at his wife from her lack of interest in his time at Kliens. This behavior is somewhat indicative of a selfish person, looking to his own needs, or someone who does not have a clue about intimacy. “After he reproaches Edna he goes outside and smokes a cigar like it was the most natural thing in the world to do. (178)” The real event is that Leonce has gotten even with his wife, for her inattention to him. Later the next day Leonce feels somewhat guilty for his outburst towards his wife “He had regained his composure which seemed to have been somewhat impaired the night before. (179)” Leonce knows that he acted emotionally as “being out of sorts” describes. Leonce does not tell his wife Sommerer v anything, but later sends her a gift package as if to make up to her what had happened. Leonce was in turmoil, regarding his actions, although Leonce is still choosing to remain aloof towards Edna. How generic, sending a gift with out a word of apology. Leonce has no idea how badly he has behaved in sending a gift without a word of apology; it is as though he were trying to mend a business relation. Leonce’s whole character is that of a man who has no intimacy with wife or children. A successful business is what he loves, what has become his whole life. Leonce's only reason for marrying was to help him in his business, stable married...

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