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Education can be defined as the knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process. But an education is much more than that. Its a right of passage. Today in life you can not get very far without an education.

The United Stated of America is one of the few countries that enforce all children, boys and girls, to attend school on a regular basis. Other countries such as Chad, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Niger, Nepal, Morocco, Pakistan, Bengladesh, Senegal, and Haiti all fall under the sixty percent literacy rate line because they do not have laws that mandate children to go to school.

In some countries, girls are forbidden to get an education. In Yemen, only fifty-two percent of girls attend primary school, and only thirty-five percent of girls end up attending a secondary school. Even more shocking is the recent attacks towards school girls in Afghanistan. In November 2008, yound girls had burning acid tossed at their faces all because ...view middle of the document...

I can't even imagine what it would be like to be illiterate. Everything in life requires us to either read or write. Schools even offer free transportation to and from school. In some countries, kids have to walk over two miles down dirty, muddy paths to get to school because there are no paved streets or school buses. Here, in the United States, there are schools in every town. Some countries only have one school per every 100 miles. We shouldn't take this for granted. Its a gift to learn. Without an education, you won't get a decent job and you'll be poor all your life. You'll end up in a broke down duplex on the south side of town with no vehicle and living on food stamps and welfare. We all have such great potential, and with the help of an education we can better ourselves to our greatest potential.

In the early 1900s education wasn't considered essential. Most of the people acquired an education just for
their personal satisfaction or enjoyment and intellectual pursuits over their lifetime. Education allows us to share the experiences of millions of people in many countries. The lessons they suffered to learn, we are given for free. The knowledge that made them richer, stronger, and happier, is ours for the taking. Education makes it possible to stand on the shoulders of giants and see the world through their eyes. It allows us to advance more quickly to our goals because we do not have to repeat their mistakes.
Education is fuel. Used properly, it can power us to success and prosperity. But a great deal depends on where individuals received their education and the quality of education they received. I have attended two types of public schools in my life. One was in Russia where I was born. The other was in America where I reside right now. Education in Russia is both stronger and weaker than in America. In Russia, the material is taught straight to the point and quickly and students are expected to learn it word for word. It is very simple - either students learn the material or they are left back. In America, material is taught more carefully and patiently. Starting in grade school and all the way through to college, the material is presented in smaller pieces and the students are allowed to digest each piece slowly.

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