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B. I Chose to write on Georgia answer.
There is no reason for a person to undergo abortion no matter the circumstances of the child’s birth. If a child is conceived by rape then the child is not at fault for the crime that its parent committed. Since it is not the fault of the child there is no reason that it should be aborted in the event the mother searches for that option. By allowing the child to survive, the parent will gain mental and emotional salvation from the joys that come with childbirth, and give a child the chance to have life. It will also serve as a method of healing for the parent as well.
With the case of incest, giving birth to a child helps the parent by freeing ...view middle of the document...

It is not certain that they are shamed by having a child by the person that they love no matter their relationship to each other. This does not necessarily mean abortion should be excluded from their options because there are instances that go with my colleagues point. Unwanted incestuous relationships should be treated on the same magnitude as a rape victim and left to the mother to make that decision.
The point I made about the child being a product of rape and it hurting the mother could be countered with the idea that it depends on the personality of the woman. If the woman wants to explore the options, it would be killing a living being either way and deemed unacceptable. Georgia’s strongest stance would be no person has the right to take the life of a living thing without proper justification.
In the case of incest, Georgia could counter with the concept of incest and ways it is considered socially unacceptable. By labeling incest socially unacceptable, it could devalue my approach and support their reasoning behind utilizing an incest child as a means of liberation from a socially unacceptable relationship. This would strengthen their argument on anti-abortion and my approach of incest being acceptable.
My replies rely on reaction more than just statistical evidence and assumptions. Georgia could claim that the child helps the...

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