Freedom From The Prison Of The Body

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The body mediates knowledge in the two quotes by Gumbrecht and Djebar ultimately through repetition.
So Vast the Prison considers the body’s role specifically in the performance of processing information: “…as if sleep were a navigation… (Djebar 25)” The body here plays the role of the intermediary between the senses that the body intakes and the conscious processing that occurs as a result: “…body both overpowered by sleep and sleep overpowering it…through half closed shutters (ibid).” Djebar compares the act of sleeping (and the process of dreaming) to shutters, or a window. The body acts as shutters, opening and closing. On either side is the subconscious or the conscious; each ...view middle of the document...

In conscious functioning, linguistic and visual representation dominates. The semantically conscious body is produced in status as a sign, or a representation, which also renders the body passive. Isma finds out that patterns of the body promote an interior language of representation separate from the semantically produced system. In using her body, she both acknowledges and takes advantage of the reinforcement that sensory perception guides.
The body is the vessel that experiences the senses. In consciousness is the choice of how to accept these senses. Consciousness synthesizes connections to these senses. It forms memories and understands trends. It can also hold onto the rejection of the senses. Regardless of what the conscious self concludes, the body persists - sensing all the meanwhile. In athletic spectatorship, it is as though the conscious self is entirely removed. There is no difference between one being and another; navigation of others and other objects is seamless (that is, without thought). In the case of interpersonal relationships, this union hardly exists, as the conscious player them self is the athlete and not the spectator. The athlete - the artist, the actor, and the person - in a persisting choice of consciousness assigns meaning to experience and thus creates a personal knowledge. Knowledge is acquired through a memory in of bodily experiences.
These experiences are known and internalized through their representation. Gumbrecth recognizes that sports may seem like a capitalistic venture in their on-going and competitive nature, but argues for more meaning in such persistence. And it is indeed though such persistence, or repetition, that the body can internalize an action and a reaction. The...

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