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Freedom Of Self Expression: Tattoos And Body Piercings At 16 Should Be Permitted

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Most parents would agree that children should have permission to get tattoos and body piercings. I believe that teens should have the authority to get them on our own. The current Texas law states that any person under the age of 18 must have parental permission before getting a tattoo or any body piercing. Identification is required to verify the persons age. I feel that by the age of 16, any student should have the authority to express themselves in a way such as tattoos and body piercings.
There are various aspects through which people, especially youth, identify themselves. People are always sending some sort of communication out at all times, whether it is subconscious or not. ...view middle of the document...

Tattooing and piercing are one of the many ways through which youth may express their identity. People may also want themselves to be portrayed as someone who they are not. For example, someone gets a tattoo or earrings just to look tough or cool. Getting a piercing or tattoo symbolizes a certain change in one’s life. These changes, no matter how small they may seem, have a huge impact on a person's identity. Usually when a young adult gets a tattoo or piercing, they are trying to show their maturity by finally being able to make a decision on their own and taking matters into their own hands. (Education and Teaching - Body Piercing, Tattooing and the Public School Dress Code)
Body modification is clearly a means by which youth seek to act against authority. Most young adults don't think about the lasting affect it has on their life when they begin to modify their body. Yes, you can take out piercings but tattoos will always be there. Especially in the business world, tattoos are nothing to be desired and you could possibly risk a job because of it. Body piercing is believed to be a self-imposed rite of passage. By this I mean that people, in general, feel an instinctive drive to undergo some sort of a rite of passage. If society denies them this, they may create one for themselves in order to feel as though they have a place in society. Almost everyone has been tempted to get a tattoo or piercing, but did you ever ask yourself why you wanted one? This theory tries to explain that it is natural and instinctive and possibly even necessary in order to find your place in society. Along with this idea, there is a concept that deals with the issue of pain. Because culture in Western society only allows for pain in instances of accidents and pregnancy, people find other ways of experiencing such pain. This pain cannot help but change one's outlook on life in some way. Everyone will experience some sort of pain in his or her life, whether it is physical or emotional. After any such experience, you are bound to look at life in a different and possibly better way. The media plays the number one role in the influence of this. What does a kid think when their favorite basketball player or music group are pierced and tattooed from head to foot? He wants to be just like them and all the talk from their elders about not being successful because of the way you look goes right out the window. Nowadays every other teenage girl that you see has her naval pierced. Where do you think that they get this? The magazines they read, the shows they watch, and the music they listen to all have an effect on youth. Teenage magazines promote this as the latest fad that everyone should get. They show these beautiful...

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