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Freedom Of Speech Among Intimates Is An Indespensable Condition For Man To Live Free

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"...the private and public are two essentially different worlds and respect for that difference is the indispensable condition..."These words, taken from Milan Kundera's Testaments Betrayed, are discernibly legitimate. The statements one makes among his intimates are, by nature, more blatant and offensive. In fact, an integral purpose for having close relationships is the freedom one has to speak unofficially. Feedback received during this type of discourse can be vital to the intellectual progression of a human being. Using the conversations a person has in private to publicly discredit him is clearly absurd for two substantial reasons: 1) personal conversations do not always reveal a ...view middle of the document...

While the Biology student believes that there is something wrong with his professor, his friends are thoroughly aware that his professor is an intelligent person and that the course probably would not be any less burdensome with another teacher. They can help him reach this culmination without offending him. A person can often rely on his cohorts to sympathize with him, but a friend also provides a secondary view, which is often contrary to that of his companion. Because it is coming from someone who, he feels, has his best interest in mind, seeing things from a point of view that contradicts his own can make a significant difference in how one feels about certain issues. The advice given to one by his fellows provides him with more to ponder and debate, thus expanding his viewpoint. His one-sided take on the situation is altered because the input one receives from his friends enables him to see things in a new context. In turn, he creates a perspective of his own and approaches the situation with advanced comprehension.If the Biology student were obligated to keep his opinions to himself, he might drop the course, only to realize that Biology is just as difficult next semester. However, because he had the freedom to say what he feels, he would register the advice of his cohorts. Instead of dropping the class, he would recognize that his comments rose from his fear of failure, and not only would he...

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