Freedoms Of The First Amendment Essay

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While freedom of speech has been guaranteed to us for centuries, the First Amendment today, is mainly a creation of the past 80 years. Because of changes in the way the government is involved in people's religions today, more than in the past, the constitutional protection of religious freedom is more needed today (Modern Era). The First Amendment was first created in 1777, when Thomas Jefferson drafted a Bill for establishing religious freedom. People were migrating to the United States, because they wanted freedom from religious persecution and the right to worship freely, without their government interrupting. The United States faced the challenge of deciding how to unify the nation with ...view middle of the document...

This over exaggeration is resulting in ignoring parts of the First Amendment. There are so many different religions today that are against each other and many fights or wars that are caused because of religious differences. Since there are such a great variety of different religions, there are more people than ever that do not have religions, they are trying to simply over rule everything the First Amendment says. Because of so many differences today, the First Amendment is needs to be reinforced more than ever.The separation of church and state is preventing parts such as Free Speech from the First Amendment. For example, in many Target stores around the United States, the employees cannot say "Merry Christmas". They must say something like "happy holidays," they cannot mention anything to do with Christmas. It does not make sense that they cannot say Christmas, because without Christmas, there would be no holiday. There are also people in places around the nation, such as Chicago, that their government tells them that they cannot hang up decorations for Christmas in public places. The government is not allowing anyone to put up Christmas trees, or anything like nativity scenes outside anywhere in the city. Anyone that lives in the city limits does not have the right to celebrate parts of their religion. That is an over exaggerated separation of church and state, but it also goes against the First Amendment. If the First Amendment says that citizens have the right to speak freely, and practice their religion, then why can they not?Because of some people who do not agree with other religions, it can damage the community. For example, the majority of the Target stores around the United States stopped the ringing of hand bells, because it had to do too much with Christmas time. When this fundraiser was stopped, over ninety million dollars was lost from the Salvation Army donations that year...

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