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French And English Essay

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Choice #1
Compare the major results of the English Civil War and the French Revolution.
Were they very similar to each other in their results? Or were they very different?
Support your opinion with at least 3 examples, such as political, economic, or social changes.

The English Civil War and the French Revolution had many similarities. Although The Englilsh Civil and The French Revolution were well over a century apart from each other, they had many similarities.

Political -

* They fought to abolish monarch rule and succeeded.
* Both challenged the power of the ruling classes.
* Both ended feudalism.
* They both executed the ruling monarchs.
* Military ...view middle of the document...

In the beginning of the war, it looked like the king would end up winning the war until Oliver Cromwell and his supporters entered the war, on the Puritan side. Cromwell's soldiers were called the Ironsides, as they were a very hard army to defeat. Cromwell's support and entrance into the war caused a large momentum shift from the King to the Parliament. By 1647, the Parliament had captured their king and the Parliament had fully established itself as the new government. The Parliament decided to "try" the king before passing sentence. Coincidentally, before this happened, the army removed the more moderate members of parliament.
However, when the King was brought before the court to answer the charges he refused to do so forcing the Parliament pass sentence, which was decapitation. This however still left a power...

Write in your own words

Best Answer:  Similarities:
1. All were fought by common people.
2. All overthrew a monarchy.
3. Military leader ended up leading the country afterward (England=Oliver Cromwell; France=Napoleon Bonaparte; America=George Washington)

1. English reestablished a monarchy. French ended up with an empire, then a republic. Americans ended up with a republic.
2. While the French Revolution and American Revolution happened around the same time (1789 and 1775, were their respective beginnings), the English Civil War happened in the 1640s, well over a century earlier.
3. Only the American Revolution ended up with a separate country being formed.
4. French killed most of their nobles, including their king. The English killed their king. The Americans did not comit regicide, though they did harass and murder various tax officials.

--------- All three...

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