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French And European Architecutre In 1600

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French and European Architecutre in 1600

The Baroque style of painting during the 1600 and 1700’s reflects an intense interest in expressing human emotion through art. Biblical scenes and representations of biblical characters are a common link between art works of that time throughout the different areas of Europe. Caravaggio represents the typical Italian Baroque artist at that time but possesses many artistic qualities uniquely his own. Bartolome Eseban Murillo, represents the typical Spanish Baroque painter. Both these painters demonstrate Baroque style, yet they have truly unique styles from each other. Caravaggio’s St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness is typical of Italian ...view middle of the document...

The wilderness behind him feels dark, morose, and lonely. Details are absent from the atmosphere except for a small plant which sits on the ground by itself. The plant echoes the loneliness of St. John. The atmospheric presence enhances the feel of the subject but is not the focus. Caravaggio possesses a unique style in which he manipulates lighting to create a vivid visual effect. The lighting starkly focuses on St. John, putting him into the direct line of view. Caravaggio’s creative use of lighting also becomes apparent in the sharp contrasts of light and dark in this painting. These contrasts are most obvious in the folds of the drapery. Using drapery to create shadows and highlights is typical of the Baroque style. The drapery is intentionally textured by the brushstrokes to appear thick and heavy, echoing the emotional state of the subject.
Caravaggio demonstrates again that sense of defeat St. John suffers from, by shadowing beneath his eyes. Shadows in this painting work to create the impression of depth and emotion. Though Bartolome’s paintings are from approximately the same time period of Baroque style, he represents the effect geography has on...

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