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French Cuisine Essay

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When people hear of French food they think of decadent desserts, black coffee, and croissants; which are all native of French cooking. The French also have a very specific way of how they eat their foods all throughout the day. All of these tendencies make the French, and their culture what it is today.
On a normal day in France a family would wake up to a small breakfast. They may have some home-made bread served with strawberry jam that was also home-made. Adding to their bread and jam, a French person might include a croissant to their breakfast plate. To wash down their meal the parents would normally have coffee, or tea. If they did choose to have coffee it would most likely be plain ...view middle of the document...

Dinner is the most important meal for the French. They spend a lot of time preparing the meal. It has three courses, the hor d’oeuvre course, the plat principal course, and the cheese or dessert course. The hor d’oeurves literally translated means, “apart from the main work”. They are served before the main part of the meal. A few examples of hor d’oeurves are, canapés which are little pieces of toasted bread with toppings on them. The toppings serve as a “canopy” for the bread which is how they get their name. Another example of an hor d’oeurve is a crudité which is sliced or whole raw vegetables dipped in a dipping sauce. The second course of a French dinner known as the plat principal is also know as the main dish. This main dish may consist of a meat or seafood, a salad, a soup, or even just a flat bread sandwich. An example of a meat main dish would be “Plat de Cote de Boeuf au Cabarnet avec pates” which is beef short ribs braised in Cabernet wine. Pasta may be served with this dish. An example of a salad main meal would be “Salade au bleu” which is Romaine hearts with blue cheese dressing. An example of a soup main meal would be “Soupe a l'oignon gratinee” which is onion soup with gruyere cheese over top. An example of a flatbread main meal would be “A la Flame Alsacienne” which is a flatbread covered with cream and bacon and onions. The dessert course of this three course meal would be the lightest. It would normally have a fresh fruit platter as well as a cheese platter served along side it. Another kind of dessert that may be served would be a crème brulee. Around dinner time restaurants in France normally start to open around seven thirty p.m. These restaurants will probably keep taking orders until around ten or eleven at night. They need to get as much business as necessary.
Seasons also play a part In the type of food being eaten in France. This is because different foods are in season during actual seasons. For example, during summer fruit is more in season so any fruit salads are eaten. Around the end of summer mushrooms come into season so many stews are made. Around September to February hunting is very popular so a lot of meat is eaten. During Spring, seafood comes into season....

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