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FriendsIt is important to have friends everyone does not prefer to bealone. There are many reasons you need to have friends. Some peopleprefer to be alone they need friends also. Many reasons for friends canhelp you succeed in life. Having friends can help you develop character,help you succeed in life, and they may help you when you are havingproblems.My first reason that you need to have friends is to help yousucceed in life. Having friends can motivate you to achieve your goals. Ifyou have plans or goals having friends pushes you to meet your goalsand plans. For example, ...view middle of the document...

When I talked to them they had other goals too but it seemed like it wasmostly to graduate.Another reason you need to have friends is to help you developcharacter. One way you can develop character by having friends ishaving a relationship. That is what having friends means. They canbuild character by motivating you and spending time with them. Whenyou spend time with them over a time you will develop a relationshipwith them. Hanging out with them can be a good thing also. Forexample, my friend help me develop character also. Spending time withthem and hanging out with them helped me achieve my goals. That isanother reason why is important to have friends.A third reason a friend is needed is to help talk to you when youare having problems. Without friends your problems may not getsolved. They are supposed to be there for you and help you see your waythrough them. Alone people often see themselves dealing with thereproblems by themselves, and they become angry at themselves andothers. Hanging out with them helps relieve some stress. If you don'thave any friends, in my opinion it seems its harder to relieve stress.Those were some of the reasons why I prefer you should havefriends. Those reasons of why I prefer are to help you succeed in life,develop character, and you need them to help you and see your waythrough when you are having problems.

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