From 1700 To 1775 The Various Churches, Established And Non Established, Fundamentally Shaped Colonial Life, Including Education And Politics. React

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Regardless of England’s delayed arrival to the New World, they quickly became the dominant power across the Atlantic. Several rationales hauled English settlers to the New World to establish and develop colonies in the name of England. As a consequence of the religious persecutions evident in Europe, a minute group of Separatists, the Pilgrims, fled their residences and established a safe haven in America. However, hypocrisy prevailed in the colonies where religious persecutions, conducted by the oppressed Pilgrims persisted, thus promoting further colonial establishments. Religion played a major responsibility in stimulating colonial expansion and endured in the daily lives of the colonists ...view middle of the document...

The Puritans felt the Church violated biblical principles of devout Christians and their practices resulted in constant persecutions. The dissenters that denounced the Church’s practices and teachings were imprisoned and sometimes severely punished by being branded or having their ears chopped off. England was not a safe residence for the Puritans and expeditious revisions were needed. The Separatists fled England and settled in Holland, where the circumstances were not much healthier or more suitable. The Separatists hoped to find a land where they could live and die as English purified Protestants. The logical solution was to migrate to America. In 1620, the Pilgrims came to America with hopes to freely practice their religion without the persecution they experienced in England, thus guiding the establishment of the Plymouth Bay colony. In addition to the Puritans, the Quakers, Christians and other religious sects were victimized in Europe. However, the Puritans did not welcome opposing views into their establishment, contributing to the further growth of the colonies. The heretics that were oppressed departed from the Plymouth Bay colony to establish their own accommodations where their ignored beliefs were accepted. Of the several groups that were persecuted by the Puritans, a few are notable from the rest and succeeded with the establishment of thriving colonies. Some of the prominent dissenters that withdrew themselves from the Pilgrims’ settlement to find their own are the Quakers, Anne Hutchinson, Roger Williams and Thomas Hooker. These distinguished individuals or groups of individuals were persecuted by the Puritans with fines and banishment, and advanced to intensify England’s territory and wealth in the New World.
Throughout the period of colonial development, many religious sects that fled either England or an undesirable colony on account of religious persecutions were lead by a religious leader that also became a founder and distinguished political figure in colonial society. The Royal government played a chief role in the authority of New England. The Royal authority issued the Dominion of New England, an administrative union of the New England colonies and a defense league to prevent French and Indian attacks. The Dominion was greatly shaped by the Church of England, as the government attempted to establish the Anglican Church throughout the region. John Winthrop was a religious leader to the Puritans and led them to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he became their governor. Since he was both their political and religious leader, religion and politics were one in the same throughout the colony. Many religious beliefs and ways became laws throughout the colony. However, the idea of parallelism between the church and state was championed by many. In the eyes of many of the colonists and dissenters of the Puritans, the increasing corruption demanded reforms to segregate the church and state, an idea bolstered by the prominent...

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