From A Bad Day To A Bad Childhood

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It was a Sunday just like any other. Little did I know that this would be the worst day of my life. It was my dad’s week to have my sister (10) and I (14). It was 10:00 a.m. and we were all getting ready for my little sister Brittany’s soccer game. Brittany and I where down stairs eating our cereal while my dad was up stairs taking a shower. He had been up there for about a hour and we where going to be late to Britt’s game, so I went up stairs to see what was taking so long. I knocked on the bathroom door and there was no answer. So I knocked a little bit louder, still no answer. At that point I new that there must be something wrong.
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I didn’t know what to do. Now a sudden rush of fear came over me. I hung up again and called my grandparents. By this time I was hysterical, screaming and crying into to the phone. My dad was always the type of person that would have be and Britt play practical jokes on people. My grandma didn’t believe me she just kept saying tell Michael this isn’t funny Katie. Stop! This isn’t funny! I could tell that she would be of know help, so I hung up on her. I called 911 for the third, still only 1 or 2 minutes had passed but it seemed like hours. Finally someone answered.
I need help!!! Help me I screamed into the phone! The dispatcher asked what the emergency was. I told her that I found my dad unconscious and he wasn’t breathing. She the told me how to do CPR. I did the arm pumps the tried to breath into him, but there was something blocking his airways. I told her this and she told me to stick my finger down his throat, it was his tonge, so I had to pull it out and continue. She also told me that they had received to call and hang up’s from my house and the police would be there shortly. I continued pumping on his chest and breathing into him, the whole time crying harder than I ever have before. My sister just screaming and crying laying on the floor next to him.
I heard a man’s voice yell up where are you? Are you ok? Brittany ran out to him and showed him where we where. They came in and took over. I don’t really remember much after that. I took Brittany and moved out of the way and just tried help her. The next thing that I remember if my grandma and grandpa where they. The cop came up to us and told us that he had died but they brought him back to life in the ambulance. After hearing that my legs gave out and I fell to the ground I couldn’t hear anything, just a loud ringing in my ears. My grandparent grabbed me and Britt and put us in the car. We rushed to the hospital. When we got there it was all just a blur. The doctor told use that since he wasn’t breathing for more than 4 minutes that it was likely that he had brain damage. He was breathing only because a machine was doing it for him.
We where at the hospital for hours. I didnt no what to do , so I went to the church in the hospital and prayed. I prayed for god not to take my dad. He was the only person I had. I told him that if he let him live I would be perfect, I would never lie, I would get perfect grades, and I would always go to church. I just begged and begged him I knelt there for a long time just begging. My grandparents came and got me and told us that we could see our dad now.
When I got in the room I didn’t no it was him. He had tubes down his throat and he smelt weird. I could tell that he wasn’t breathing on his own every time his chest would go up and weird sound would come from the machine. I knew this wasn’t my dad. They said it would be a miracle if he survived and would probably never walk or even talk again. I still would have given anything...

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