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Outline for From the Ashes

Thesis: With the advent of Man’s demise, both Deucalion and Pyrra, from the Greek myth, and Chuck and George, from the story “The Nine Billion Names of God,” experience a discovery of the impending doom, an escape of their circumstances, and a realization of the end.
I. As a first comparison, both Deucalion and Pyrra and Chuck and George experience a discovery of the impending doom.
A. Explain Deucalion and Pyrra’s discovery of the impending doom
1. Narrate the god’s decision to destroy the earth (Rouse 147)
2. Narrate how the gods decide to flood the earth (Rouse 147)
3. Narrate Prometheus’s warning (Baldwin 1)
B. Explain Chuck and George’s ...view middle of the document...

Explain how Deucalion and Pyrra’s voyage in the chest parallels Chuck and George’s escape down the mountain
III. As a final comparison, both Deucalion and Pyrra and Chuck and George experience a realization of the end.
A. Explain Deucalion and Pyrra’s realization of the end
1. Narrate their landing (Baldwin 1)
2. Narrate their discovery that they are the only people on earth (Baldwin 1)
B. Explain Chuck and George’s realization of the end
1. Narrate their assumption that the computer must have finished (Clarke 169)
2. Narrate them seeing the stars leaving (Clarke 169)
C. Show how Deucalion and Pyrra’s realization of the end parallels Chuck and George’s realization of the end
1. Explain how the landing of the chest parallels the completion of the computer
2. Explain how Deucalion and Pyrra’s discovery that they are the last people on earth parallels the stars going out

From The Ashes
Herb Caen, a journalist, once said, “The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.” Almost every ancient culture on earth possesses an idea of the demise of humanity; some call it Armageddon, apocalypse or judgment day. The ancient Greeks understood, just like Mr. Caen, that human life has its end and new beginnings. The Greeks expressed this belief in the story of the flood. In this myth, the gods decide to erase mankind because of men’s wickedness. When the flood comes and covers the earth, two people are saved, Deucalion and Pyrra. When the floodwaters recede, Deucalion and Pyrra are chosen to repopulate the earth by tossing rocks that grow into new people. Arthur C. Clarke also expressed the end of the world in his story “The Nine Billion Names of God.” In this story, a Tibetan monastery has been compiling what it believes to be all the names of God. They believe that once all these names have been found, mankind’s purpose will have been fulfilled. They calculate that it will take fifteen thousand years to complete the process. Therefore, they hire a computer to finish the job in one hundred days. Although these stories are very different, they can be paralleled in several ways. With the advent of Man’s demise, both Deucalion and Pyrra from the Greek myth and Chuck and George from the story “The Nine Billion Names of God” experience a discovery of the impending doom, an escape of their circumstances, and a realization of the end.
As a first comparison, both Deucalion and Pyrra and Chuck and George experience a discovery of the impending doom. Zeus decides to visit earth “to see whether men were as bad as they were said to be” (Rouse 147). So he visits “the realm of one Lycaon” and requests to pass the night there (Rouse 147). When they sit down to dinner, Lycaon tries to feed Zeus human flesh. Therefore, when Zeus returns to Mt. Olympus, he calls a council of the gods and tells them “what had been done” (Rouse 147). The gods decide to use a flood to destroy the earth...

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