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From The Street Cart All The Way Up To The Exquisite Dining Table…

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From the Street Cart all the way up to the exquisite Dining Table…
Based on the infamous common saying of “You are what you eat”; some may argue that they do not possess the freedom of choice in what they choose to eat on a daily basis throughout their life due to the external factors that affect their decision making. With limited income and resources, many people from the lower social backgrounds tend to have a restricted culinary menu of which they can opt to eat from. Investigating the other end of the scale of where the wealthier level of the social ladder are looked at closely; you will find the inverse of this trend where the range of eating preferences are limitless and not bound by ...view middle of the document...

The facts from this study have been drawn from numerous semi-structured interviews with a pre-set of questions that have been conducted with a sample of five candidates mixed from both social class groups; the wealthy and the un-wealthy. These two groups are identified based on a maximum 1000LE income per month for the un-wealthy class, and a minimum of 20,000LE income per month for the wealthy class. The interviews were undertaken in a casual mannerism through holding an unstructured conversation with some people from my own network and some who were approached randomly on my mission to investigate this phenomenon. I attempted to delve deep into their personalities to identify their past and present experiences in dealing with food psychologically and economically, hence coming up with conclusions to support my study.
Social gaps can often be found gathered in one place with the two ends of the scale existing in the same arena. I was invited by eldest sister to visit her workplace to conduct interviews with a high-end position and a low-end position to even have a direct comparison within one department. Yara, the Customer Experience Director at a foreign Payment Solutions Company based in Egypt has a Call Center as part of her Department that she manages. Her total net income reaches to 20,000 LE and her subordinates which are usually fresh graduates take home 1000 LE. Sitting in Yara’s upscale office, observing the personal touches that she has placed around with photos and souvenirs she gathered from different destinations all placed neatly on her desk. After explaining to her the purpose of my study, she is interested to assist by sharing her culinary experiences as she expresses that food is an integral part of her life because it not only satisfies her hunger, but is a tool in elevating her mood to de-stress from the hectic work lifestyle that she leads. Yara, thirty years old and a single mother spends most of her time at the office so usually orders food on a daily basis.
Yara admits timidly that she skips breakfast although she knows that it should be the most important meal of the day. She orders her lunch, which is her main meal around 2pm from an online ordering website that has a range of restaurants with various cuisines that deliver to her office. Her favorite food is sushi and her specialties are maki rolls with shrimp, crab and salmon. She expresses with utmost delight that she is a seafood lover by nature and also feels that sushi eating is an interesting experience in itself. Wasabi, the green, spicy Japanese horseradish that is served with sushi as a condiment plays a part in putting Yara in a good mood and motivates her to work more! The average bill for a sushi meal is around 200 LE. She eats sushi two to three times a week with the third most probably as a meal out with her friends. She also orders food from a nearby gourmet French patisserie called Le Gourmandise that sells freshly prepared sandwiches that are...

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