Fuelling Society Essay

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Fueling Society

GEOG 3770
Megan Porter

Energy has become an integral part of life. Energy was what created the universe, the sun, and the planets including Earth. All life on Earth was created with a form of energy and most of humans daily life today is consumed with at least one type of energy. Without the movement or conservation of energy no activity of any kind can take place. Energy has played an important role in early civilizations, starting with human power and animal power to the fossil fuels that power the world today. Everything that people now possess today has been influenced by energy. It has brought about culture, religion, and new technologies. All types of ...view middle of the document...

There became a surplus of human energy to think and learn of new ways to make things easier in their lives. With the surplus of human energy and the control of fire and animal power is when the inventions of engines came into history. At first they were fueled by wood and coal. Then came the discovery of the coal, oil, gas and nuclear energy that now power most of life on earth today. With all of these energy resources, humans have learnt to manufacture and produce the basic needs of life as well as the not so basic things. Finding, manipulating, and using energy has enabled humans to progress from a primitive lifestyle to the modern lifestyle today. Few people connect the dots between their everyday lives and the material objects they possess to production and manufacturing of energy. (Cottrell) Not only do people have energy connected through them from outside sources, energy is a part of people.
In early civilizations hunters and gathers have used energy to obtain food, shelter, water. Early humans forged, lived in caves and searched for food from dawn until dusk. They went out on hunting trips for days, and were not always successful. Animals were bigger and faster than humans and food was not that easily attained. At fist the only available energy to humans was the energy provided by their own bodies. This energy was used to gather at first and then hunt for food, humans did not have much excess energy to do anything else. Their energy was used for food, and survival. The more energy or strength an individual had the more food and the more water that they would bring back. Since there was no other source of energy other than their own bodies, there were no other activities that existed outside of obtaining food, shelter, and water. Most of the time that the hunter gathers spent living was based on survival. In early hunter and gatherer societies they had minimal social structure. Usually the strongest male led the village and most of the leaders had to hunt and gather along with the other members because there was no surplus of food and food was not easy to come by. When the discovery of manipulating fire happened it played a dominant role in survival. It helped early societies to protect themselves from large animals and other tribes that they had conflict with. It also provided them warmth in cold weather and many health benefits from heating food and water. With the introduction as fire as part of their daily lives the early civilizations did not get sick as often and lived longer lives then they normally would have lived. They learnt to tell stories of their travels and they created folktales, which turned into a type of myth that lead to making of art and as people know today, cave drawings. With the invention of fire, it led the tribes to have more time to focus on social aspects and communication that kept early tribes together. Human energy in early societies helped humans obtain the basic essentials of life.
After humans...

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