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Functional Area Interrelationships Essay

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Functional Area Interrelationships
Team C
October 18, 2010
Phillip Cram

Functional Area Interrelationships
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Reason for Existence
The creator of Kudler Fine Foods, Kathy Kudler, was dissatisfied with the selection and quality of her local grocery stores. To make a simple gourmet meal, she would have to travel to several stores in her area. Because of this, Kathy Kudler had a vision. This vision was to create one store that would stock a wide selection of the freshest ingredients as well as all of the tools a gourmet cook could ever want. With this vision in mind, Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods. Kudlers mission is to provide their customers ...view middle of the document...

Kudler Fine Food has a chain of commands which individually have a specific set of responsibilities. In this case a set of plans come from the top chain of command, which is the president of the organization and then flows vertically, with several different levels of management. Three stores make up several frameworks of organizational structure; the president works closely with each store’s manager and each store utilizes its own hierarchy beneath the individual store manager which then continues to branch into the departmental management within each store. The form of organizational structure in this organization is known as mechanistic structure. It is utilized in this particular organization to meet the common needs of the consumer. Every employee has a job description in which is a collaboration to form a functional and structured plan. Each individual has a defined role as an employee at Kudler Fine Foods. This organization must always get any approvals from Kathy Kudler, who is the president. Kudler Fine Foods is geared in a centralized manner and the structure is derived from a functional structure, which means everyone’s role is important to the common business goal. (Apollo Group, 2007)
Collaboration Process
The collaboration process is comprised of several elements. First, the participants of the collaboration must be in agreement. Second, the participants must have mutual goals. Third, there must be a shared responsibility both for participation and decision making. Fourth, there has to be shared resources. Fifth, there has to be shared accountability for the outcomes. Finally, there has to be mutual trust. These elements will distinguish the collaboration as a complementary process. Once the parties agree to collaborate, the parties must create the process. When creating the process, the parties must create the guidelines that will serve as the foundation for how everyone will work together throughout the process to yield optimal results.
For Kudler Fine Foods to accomplish the goals of their organization, the store’s director must collaborate with their purchasing manager as well as her inventory manager to uncover the customers’ needs. By identifying the customers’ needs the store will be able to determine which products they need to purchase more of and which products that they can purchase less of. This will allow Kudler to balance their inventory better by decreasing overflow and prevent them from running out of their popular products. As a company that handles a variety of foods, they must also work together to determine how much of their resources can be allocated to purchasing the finest foods. This purchase will align with their mission statement, as it states that their mission is to “provide the customers with the finest foods.” (Apollo Group, 2007) Kudler has also created an action plan to implement the collaborative process if increasing their revenue within a year by creating a frequent shopper program for their...

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