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Functional Managers Essay

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Considering the operational management framework as the business setting, the internal processes of the functional management would be inclusive of the location of the business, logistical aspects of the business and services (Chase, Jacobs and Acquilano, 2006). The administrative position associates itself with the expected actions of the manager in the diverse situational leadership conditions. The leadership position of the managerial responsibility is with the inclusion of managerial training, excellent motivational and public speaking tactics used by top performing managers as a tool to influence the performance of their employees.
Most peer-reviewed scholarly journals explain that the functional managers need to ensure that the employees under their command receive accurate training and perform as expected. A decision role of the manager pertains the choices the manager makes regarding leadership ...view middle of the document...

The actions taken by the manager have recognizable impacts on the production segment of the operations department since the resources allocated are critical to the support of making decisions of a given project.
Functional managers need to have rational and action based interpersonal skills. The manager is equally expected to understand their informational roles. The roles are definitive on how the manager can develop and consequently maintain a working and efficient information network for the functional areas under their management (Daft, 2012). Within the business, the monitoring duty of involvement in the transfer of information is vital to the success of the business; of significant inclusion is the control type. The manager has to act as an integrator and the server to a myriad of cross-sectional departments in the business, in fact, the individual needs to be the gatekeeper of information regarding the organization from one cross-functional department to the other. As a result, the functional manager has more authority about the dissemination of information across the cross-functional units of the organization. A study by Dunn, (2001) showed that the functional manager is more often in control of the legal and environmental concerns that are relatively crucial to the project manager. The roles replicate themselves to the marketing segment of the operations department, since the biggest concern of the organization is the dissemination of tangible and intangible information to the final consumer, it implies that, whoever has the control over the transfer of ideas and information has powers to make decisions concerning the allocation of resources.
In conclusion, by examining the technical environment through the eyes of the functional manager, the paper has addressed the responsibilities that a functional manager is expected to handle when managing in an operational environment. The findings of the paper give conclusive information on the management style ideally suited when accomplishing functional responsibilities expected of the manager, which from the business’s perspective include planning, mentorship and the control of the organization’s resources.

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