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  In Malaysia, Nikon Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which was established in April 2001, now represents Nikon Corporation's presence. Over the years Nikon has established a strong base in Malaysia through a local distributor. Now, Nikon Malaysia will further reinforce this excellent platform to enhance Nikon's brand image and brand promise through various activities and programs.
  Nikon Malaysia has essentially the exclusive rights to distribute and market the complete range of Nikon imaging products and instruments throughout East and West Malaysia. These include all available cameras, binoculars as well as microscopes and technical measuring instruments.[1]

Segmentation, targeting and positioning
Market Segmentation
The definition of market segmentation is divides the customers into different groups that have their own common or similar characteristic. So, Nikon companies also have a lot of segmentation between their separated such as according to profits, gender, usage rate and others. They will launch out different products and services according to their segment market.
Targeting Market
The definition of target market is selecting the certain or specific market to sell out their product to their certain customers. Nikon will target the customers who have a professional to using camera and beginner. Nikon will design and sales the product according the professional of the customer. This is because if the customer is good in photo. They will know the value of the camera, they also can manipulate the camera as well as possible. For an example, D4, D800 was a good choice. Besides that, for the beginner company will sales the camera for beginner such as D3100, D3200 and so on. It should easy control and the cost is not too expensive.
The definition of positioning is decides how to serve the customer better which is how to differentiate or position their product in the marketplace or customers. The positioning that Nikon set in customer's mind is “at the heart of the image”. It will make customer belief that Nikon companies can capture the image inside their heart. Furthermore, a good product need to emphasize the product’s quality, packaging, brand name, features, options, safety, repairs, support, services and warranties. So, Nikon should design the products with the customer needs based on quality, packaging, labeling, and branding.
NIKON have a good quality in product cameras. Although its price was expensive than another brand of cameras but many customers was satisfied about the products of Nikon. Nikon has been developing world-leading imaging technology and delivering on the promise of reliable quality.
Nikon Corporation formulated its Environmental Policy Regarding Packaging Materials in May 1998 and revised it in June 2000 to reduce the use of packaging materials for its products.Based on this policy, we have been engaging in various efforts to boost the loading efficiency of physical...

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