Fundamentalism Describes People Or Groups That Defend Tradition And Believe In The Literal Truth Of Sacred Texts

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Fundamentalism describes people or groups that defend tradition and believe in the literal truth of sacred texts, they seek to return back to basics and do not like change. Giddens argues that fundamentalism has grown in reaction to globalisation and people are joining fundamentalist movements because in today’s society individuals are constantly faced with choice, uncertainty and risk. Fundamentalism offers individuals security and avoids any rational answers and solely turns to faith based ones. Although fundamentalists hate modernity they contradict themselves as they use modern methods to try get across their point to large audiences. For example they have television programmes this is ...view middle of the document...

The increase intechnology has made it easier to spiritual shop and change religions when a more "fashionable" one comes out. However, people can now take on a religion more privately in their own home providing the possibility that religion is not actually secular; just more privatised. Although globalisation has questionably caused secularisation theory in the UK it has not had the same effect in India even though it was predicted to. India’s Economic development has benefited greatly from religion as it provided a set of beliefs that lead the economy to work hard. A rich middle class has come about from this development meaning they are now more rational and scientific but this has not resulted in secularisation. The fact globalisation in India has lead to religion becoming more strong could be due to many factors. Religion is the norm in India, and it may be that due to the success of the middle class (financially) others may follow their lead. A factor of the large number of religious individuals could be down to India’s main religion (Hinduism) being incorporated into many institutions and ways of life (i.e in universities). This is seen as a civil religion.

Huntington's theory lends itself well to explaining a possible relationship between globalisation and religon. The "Clash of Civilisations" is where there is conflict between different civilisations (for example Western and Islamic" due to the difference in religon. This is because the importance of religon being a source of religon has risen dramatically. Globalisation means that civilisations are more likely to be in contact with each other which means that old conflicts may re-emerge easier. For this reason, Religon has created a "Us V.s Them mentality as competition for wealth and power grows on a global...

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