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Future Business Use Of Social Networks

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Future Business Use of Social Networking

Julian Marcelo (13167299)

Ardeshir Mehta (13074409)

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Table of Contents
Future Business Use of Social Networking 3
Executive Report 3
Technology Description 3
Industry Evaluation 6
Major Players in This Industry 6
Major Opportunities and Threats Present in This Industry 6
Status of Technology 7
Business Context…………………………………………………………………........................8
Implementation Issues …………………………………..………………………………………10
References 12

Future Business Use of Social Networking

Executive Report

Ever since they were introduced, social networking sites ...view middle of the document...

There are numerous computer applications that users may add onto their profiles on clicking a button. This is possible because the majority of SNSs have given third-party developers access to their interfaces for utilization on the site. A number of these applications have grown increasingly popular amongst site users, in addition to, facilitating in maintaining the momentum of SNS use (Avison, 2010). The methodology that is utilized by the developers in guiding them in building third-party applications is referred to as the Social Networking Sites Application Development Life Cycle (SNSADLC). It is generated initially from the conventional SDLC and modified into a unique method that orients only to the third-party application developers. SDLC denotes Software Development Life Cycle or System Development Life Cycle. It is utilized in describing the functional systems development actions, to achieve control of the intricacies of systems development, in addition to, ensuring the needs of clientele, as well as users are the foundation for technical activity. To better appreciate the correlation or communication amongst users, SNS and the applications that are built for it, it is imperative to consider their flow of data. In the social application model, the SNSs mail social data to the third-party server (application server) where the web pages are provided for users with the accessible presentation layer. The flow of data is shown in the figure below;

Figure 1. Data flow amongst users, SNS and social applications (Coronel, 2011).
There are four essential steps during the data flow which are clarified as follows:
A. The user places a request to view the application.
B. The SNS sends social information to the application server.
C. The third-party server integrates application and social data, returning JavaScript and HTML.
D. The SNS mails the content to the user.
The aim of placing emphasis on the SNSADLC is to grant project development personnel with general directives and regulations to work to. It is essential to mention that SNSADLC follows six steps which entail, feasibility studies, end-user analysis, development of specification, application scrutiny and designing, application execution and publication of application, appraisal and maintenance (Coronel, 2011).
The structure of the SNSADLC six steps is listed as follows:
1. Feasibility studies
• Identify the prospect and assess OETHL viability.
2. End-User analysis.
• Determine the end-user’s scope.
• Understand end-user information.
1. Developing specification.
• Definition of the configuration and content.
• Establish timeline for development.
4. Application investigation and designing.
• Draw a Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD).
• Prototyping of the User Interface.
5. Application implementation.
• Configure the application.
• Incorporate the application with SNS.

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