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Future Of India Essay

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Future of India
Clearly, the resiliency and aspiration in India are major contributors to any success present or in the future. Considering the massive population India has, many factors could affect the future of the country such as further addressing and investing in health and human services with immediate attention in the large impoverished populations, creating adequate infrastructure, and possibly diversifying the job market further. Indeed, their economy has rapidly increased within recent years and there is plenty of potential for more positive changes in the coming years.
Naturally, the first thing to stand out is the major inequalities among the people in general. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the markets was extremely low living standards; while in the suburbs shown via the video are business campuses, food shops, normal roads, and sidewalks. Honestly speaking, it is like night and day; the less developed areas appear ...view middle of the document...

According to Appendix B in the textbook, the literacy percentage is 68.6 for males and a mere 42.1 for females which seems opposite of how the video portrayed India to have better academics (De Blij, Muller, & Nijman, 2012). Nevertheless, literacy is a crucial part of economic growth of a country and improving education across the board will be a needed step. The inequalities in education and poverty will not result in a pleasant outcome. In fact, it will increase the burden of the unemployed population and further divide the socio-classes (Jha, 2014).
Lastly, is the concern with the extreme lack of sufficient infrastructure such as railways to transport energy resources, roadways, and of course a reliable electricity grid. Without a doubt, the new four lane highway Golden Quadrilateral mentioned in the textbook sounds like a great start for connecting the country, however it also states there is multiple tollbooths and checkpoints along the way which can also slow the transport of goods and material (De Blij, et al., 2012). Reliable infrastructure is definitely a must have for a country the size of India with aspirations to continue to modernize.
In all, there is positive changes taking place within India especially with the rapid growth in the economy. However, the growth will all be for not if the conditions of living are not addressed with solutions. Seeing how 65% of the 1.2 billion Indian population is between 15-64 and 30% are under 15 years old, does give the younger generation a large hand at molding India into a more modern phase (Desai, 2012). Hopefully, using the innovative nature of the younger generation will aid with achieving a country with strong foundations for continued societal improvements and steady economic development.

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