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Future Shock Essay

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Simply it talks about change and rate of change in our life. Change will mean new rules and new roles for people, and he calls it a disease, future shock. It is basically about change, and he analyses it in almost every aspect. The book was written 40 years ago, discussing how change and technological developments are shaping the future and influencing our lives. Something is going to change and it will change in the fastest way it could!

He revolves his discussion of change around three pillars: transience, novelty, and diversity. 1) Different aspects of life are becoming less permanent and more temporary (or transient), from the disposable products we use ...view middle of the document...

What really threatening is education!! In view of this drastic rate of changes, how to educate our kids, what they study now will be obsolete in few years!! In the near future they will see many new things coming, knowledge is duplicated drastically and our system is too old and malfunctioning. Education system is touched many times within the book.

In my opinion we’ll face same problem in our personal life, as concepts, products are changing dynamically, and we see new product almost daily. Within our short memory we have seen the raise & decline of many products such as iPhone vs Nokia, Samsung vs iPhone, LCDs vs old TVs, Tablets vs laptops & PCs….etc. we shall not run after all these product without real needs and necessity, we shall rationalize our need. That is the only way to cope with such changes.

I find difficult reading this book especially the main points of the book. The book is crowded with concepts and arguments which have been approached from different angles. It is a mind stretcher and a thought provoker. A huge effort has been put into it.

In the first part of the book Toffler argues that modern society is characterized, not only by drastic change, but that the pace of this change is accelerating. He then spends quite a few chapters recounting examples of this phenomenon including the obvious technological transformation, but also cultural changes such as: fluctuating skillsets needed for the job market, more frequent shifts in careers and home relocation, product obsolescence and others.
The second part of the book consists of predictions of the future,...

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