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Future Technology Essay

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Information technology
Business with information technology in 2020

Information Technology in the Business World

Communication technology is one of the most important aspects of information technology for the people around the world. It has changed human life by making it easier for us to communicate with each other, which makes the world seem like a small village. People now communicate with each other in different ways in comparison to the past. As a result, businesses have also changed and developed using communication technology. Companies using this technology experience both benefits and disadvantages. The discussion will be limited to this ...view middle of the document...

The Internet can help companies to build good relationships with their customers. This can be achieved by sending emails to advertise new products so the customer believes that the company is interested in him or her and this will strengthen the interaction between them. Most customers prefer to deal with companies that give them attention. Thus, it can be concluded that companies can develop trusting relationships with customers by using the Internet.

Due to the evolution of information technology, most companies design a website to display company information, products and services. They encourage customers to visit their website to find information about new products or services and to provide a general idea about how the company works. Most of these websites allow customers to buy company products so the customer will save the time by ordering the products directly from the company. Overall, having a company website can be very useful.
Most large international companies find virtual communication to be very useful. They can use it to hold a virtual conference between companies in different countries at any time. Most companies find virtual communication helpful because it saves money and time. For example, companies who want to discuss a business deal would normally have to set a time and place to meet, but with a virtual communication, this is not necessary.

In an in-person meeting there is enough going on and enough possibilities of interaction that it works’. Therefore, virtual conferencing is useful for companies and businesses.

Stick POP is a portable printer that can handle a small amount of load. You can’t overburden it with all your documents, just a small stash that you need pronto. Measuring 23 cm by 6 cm, it’s easy to fit it in your handbag. Just hook it up to your comp /device via USB and get printing! Oh, and an OLED screen on the bar displays the printing status.
Stick pop elegant design

In the portable technology era, people not only find a portable software application, but they also can find any device stuff that charged it face in to portable stuff. For example the printer device begin charge from USB printer with a big body in to portable printer with small body. The portable printer offer simple usage and easy to carry it in handbag. One of portable printer is Stick POP printer that has smart function of printing documents. Measuring in 23 cm width and 6 cm high, it just can handle small amount of document that will be printed, it can’t overburden with much documents. Stick POP printer no need external electric source, because it powered by an internal battery. It can print out any documents from USB and any exterior devices with connect it in to desktop computer or portable computer

This computer concept is constructed out of a flexible OLED touchscreen. Earmarked for the year 2020, features like a...

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