Future Trends In Health Care Essay

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Future Trends in Health Care
Elizabeth Agraz, Sonja Clayton
Cherise Matilla, Lisa Moran, and Tiffany Tryan
University of Phoenix
HCS 533
February 16, 2015
Dr. Chong Daleiden

Future trends in health care
Communicating patient-specific information
More than ever before, medical judgments mirror the electronic world we live in. The electronic health record (EHR) is rapidly substituting the out-of-date paper chart. By the year 2014, the United States medical records should have started the conversion to an EHR. We must accept new terminology with the electronic era that is here to stay (Biscup, Booher, & Podichetty, 2006).
Transferring records
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Health care will soon encompass humans and technological devices. The combination of the two sets into place how the world will proceed in the future with how patients interact with clinical staff and vice versa. There are many new health care advances of the future that will soon be revealed to the world. Individuals will be able to use health applications as a means of monitoring health, dieting and exercise. For example, the IPhone already has a wonderful health application that individuals can use to count calories and analyze workouts. Health applications will soon have more of an impact on customers especially those that have illnesses and other dietary and exercise regimens to follow. Telemedicine and remote care for pre-op, during and post-op procedures will be regulated via technological devices. Surgical and human like robots are also trends to expect in the near future to assist with surgery procedures on patients. Telemedicine will become more and more available to patients in rural communities. Access to healthcare will continue to increase. We are currently seeing telemedicine pilot programs in emergency departments used during times of volume surges. Health insurance companies are beginning to recognize the usefulness and value of telemedicine, and it is predicted reimbursement...

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