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Globalization has various aspects which affect the world in different ways such as:
It gives access to products which are not readily available, to various countries, for example coffee from Kenya to the UK and Netherlands, thus giving developing countries an opportunity to produce and sell goods that in return are able to make a better living. This is, however, debatable. Wealthier countries which purchase these goods make production and trade rules that developing countries must follow. This reduces fair chances in the world market place, meaning developing and some developed countries are losing out and not making as much profit as they probably could. ...view middle of the document...

2 million Kenyans are starving (World Food Program, 2012). One would wonder why, as agriculture continues to dominate the country’s economy, employing over 80% of the population. Kenya exports of fruit, flowers, and vegetables are attracting an increasing amount of foreign attention and money. Tea continues to create the largest agricultural profit for Kenya (Mwangi, 2009). Globalization of trade is in this case, a disadvantage. Like they say, charity begins at home. So why ignore the needs of the country’s citizens and meet the needs of developed countries!
Planting food for export leads to reduced land, as these plantations take up most of the fertile land, this could have otherwise been used for production of staple food or perhaps settlement of the greater percentage of landless population in developing countries.
Globalization also leads to brain drain in developing countries. The younger, well educated population with technical skills and knowledge, of developing and third world countries choose to immigrate to developed countries in order to get better jobs and to improve their living standards. This leaves these developing countries without skilled man power, meaning generation of new knowledge is lessened. Brain power is needed to look into and find solutions to developing countries’ problems.
Globalization has lead to interdependency of continents. To some this is seen as a positive, whereas to the critical thinker, it is arguably a great disadvantage. Interdependency of both developed and developing countries has lead to loss f control over economic and political decisions. As reported by (David Held, 1999) “Fourth, the growing extensity, intensity and velocity of global interactions can be associated with their deepening impact such that the effects of distant events can be highly significant elsewhere and even the most local developments may come to have enormous global consequences. In this sense, the boundaries between domestic matters and global affairs can become increasingly blurred.”
Some could argue that globalization has lead to the undermining of the fabric of traditional societies. As the world becomes more interconnected, traditions, language and cultures are being threatened. With the predominance of American pop culture as well as political and economic influence around the world, many developing countries see globalization as a form of “Americanization” that is undermining their traditions, therefore disintegrating their authenticity. (Globalization-Positive or Negative?, 2008)
There is also the question of environmental degradation. Many developing countries do not have stringent rules about environmental protection. Industries do not need expensive pollution control equipment, resulting in serious air, water, and soil pollution that are...

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